Because All Dishonored Needed Was A Machine Gun (And More Superpowers)

As Kirk and Jason noted last week, Dishonored is in many ways an "old-timey" classic, but there's more to that idea than just its design. Because it's a singleplayer game, with no ladderboards or auction houses, you can install "trainers" for the game that let you cheat.

In the clip above, you'll see just what you can do when you have unlimited blink, super speed and a pistol that acts more like a machine gun.

As PC Gamer notes, the places you get such programs that enable these abilities can be a little shady, so we're not going to link them here. But if you know what these things are, you probably know where to get one.

Also, mild spoiler warning above, since it's a runthrough of the game's first mission.

Dishonored - Corvo is in a goddamn hurry (first mission spoilers) [PC Gamer]


    With hacks like that, you think the player in the video could be a little more creative.

    (meme) Dishonored: cos no one can see a overhyped peace of snot.

      You either a) haven't played it; or b) have no taste.

      Just because a game wasn't your cup of tea, it is now a terrible game. Who didn't see that conclusion coming?

      I didn't think it was hyped up much at all. I would only use over hyped for games like cod

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