Behold The Transparent Wii U

We don't think Nintendo will actually sell this transparent version of the Wii U, shown off during a recent Iwata Asks interview that picked apart and delved into the upcoming console.

That's too bad. It's pretty sweet. Remember the transparent Game Boy? The transparent N64 controller? Nintendo used to be so much more transparent.

[Iwata Asks]


    Be nice if they did sell it, def make me wanna buy it more

    Don't blame them for not marketing it. Looks f**kin' ugly!

    Looks like an external CD/DVD drive from the early 00s

    More transparent consoles and accessories! I'm tempted to replace my perfectly fine 360 slim with a new Halo 4 one, just because it's kinda transparent.

    Oh look, a repost on kotaku

    Transparent n64 controller? nintendo did a whole range of colored transparent n64 consoles a gamer would know that, also the GameCube had indigo/clear controller would be nice for ms to make a clear 360 after they did the original console in clear green for halo and clear white with that bundle that had pgr2

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