BioShock Series Is Going Cheap On Steam (Along With Many Others)

BioShock Infinite is still set for a February 2013 release, and it may be our most anticipated release in the coming months but, for folks who feel the need to play catch up, now is as good a time as any. For now, both BioShock and 2 are available on Steam for $4.99US each, as part of the Halloween sale.

And that's just the beginning. Think of any Zombie/Horror themed title and there's a good chance it is currently discounted. There are currently 208 deals on the service, and there are some humdingers.

A couple of our favourites are...

The Walking Dead: $14.99US Dead Rising 2: $7.49US Dead Space 2: $17.49US LIMBO: $2.49US Left 4 Dead 2: $4.99

Good luck people.


    Was 7.49 on amazon for both bioshock 1 and 2 few days back!

    I picked up bioshock 1 & 2 with spec ops the line on amazon a couple of months ago for $20.

    Well, I was going to point people towards The Walking Dead for $8, but it looks like that price has been corrected in line with Steam :\

    L4D2 is not worth it in aus with the current censoring.

      You can easily fix that by going to

        From memory, that will force you to only play with other people who have done the same thing.

        If you download and install a program called Left 4 Uncut (no link but it's the first result on Google). This will let you play the full version of the game with people who have both the censored and uncensored game.

      Use a free trial VPN app, go to US steam store (or NZ), buy it and install, disconnect VPN, play uncencored forever in Aussie steam

      Please stop with this crap. I heard enough of it from my mates when it came out, I played the beta of the Australian version and I didn't have an issue with it, it was easier on my system at the time actually. Though I ended up buying a US retail copy in the end, mainly because I was saving 40 bucks...

        Have you actually played it side by side with someone using the AUS version?

        Its horrible, almost unplayably so, The fire effects dont last more than a second or 2, there are no dead bodies, no gore, minimal blood which takes away from the feel of the game, theres no sense of accomplishment when you fight of WAVES and WAVES of enemies only to get a second to breath and look around to see no carnage..

        Playing with mates at a LAN, on my screen in a hallway hundreds of dead zombies, blood gore and gibs, on a mates AUS version, clean sterile hallway as if no zombie appocolypse has even occured. it takes away from the atmosphere of the game.

        Its a big deal, if you cant see that then thats fine, but dont judge others for hating on something legitimately.

        Last edited 31/10/12 10:42 am

    The game I spotted in this sale that got me interested is I AM ALIVE, I didn't even know that was available on PC. Oh and DEADLIGHT

      Deadlight is a bit of fun for sure, and I AM ALIVE is great, but upsetting unless they make a sequel.
      Also... i appologise Trex i may have accidentally reported you lol

      The one that got me is Condemned: Criminal Origins.

    did this end? they both say $19.99 in my steam :(

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