Black He-Man, Blonde Teela & Other Amazing Custom Masters Of The Universe Figures

Toy builder Jon English has come up with these incredible custom He-Man figures, some of the heavily modified interpretations on actual old toys, others entirely new characters.

My favourite is probably He-Bro up there, but Sintaur is equally awesome, both for the figure and the name.

MOTUC Customs [Jon English, via Super Punch]


    I never saw the original, so this means nothing to me!

    I AM TOO YOUNG! I saw an episode on Cartoon Network once and thought it was really stupid! I am about to be flamed! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

      Not gonna flame you at all, I look at Dragonball and think 'Meh, Im too old for this, it means nothing to me at all.' I grew up with Masters of the Universe so this means *everything* to me :)

        Did you have those figures with the spinning spring loaded damage indicators on the chest? Oh man they were boss.

          Battledamage HeMan and Skeletor! lol! Yeah!!!!

          Then there was 'thunder punch' He Man who had caps in him lol

        I was at the right age group for Dragonball, and although I watched it, it was really, really, really stupid lol.

    Wow, that's quite amazing. Mossman looks very cool...that look suits him better and what about Webstor? He looks incredible! And @ Freeze, I have the battle armour He-Man and Skeletor

    I'm not a fan of He-Man at all but these figures are dope !

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