Blueprint 3D Gains The Power To Blow Your Pictures Apart In Three Dimensions

An incredibly cool game I somehow neglected to tell you folks about despite playing it for hours on end, Blueprint 3D is an iPhone game that involves twisting about exploded blueprints until they line up on your screen — or at least it was. With next week's 2.0 update, it's all about transforming your photos into exploded 3D blueprints.

Along with a special Halloween pack and iPhone 5 optimisation, Blueprint 3D's free 2.0 update adds an entirely new level of entertainment to the 99c title. Take a photo or choose one from your iPhone's gallery, process it through the in-game editor and presto, that photo of you and your friend with your faces smushed together is now a 3D puzzle.

Of course, you know what the picture should look like. This is about sharing it with your friends, letting them figure out what they are looking at. Try and keep the camera about waist level, OK?

Blueprint 3D [iTunes App Store]


    Looks extremely easy. The edges of the photo are a complete giveaway.

    Also the fact that everything seems to be little squares aligned along the same plane. So basically rotate to one of the two points where the flat surface is facing you, and you'll either have it or the mirror image.

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