Borderlands 2 Update Hints That Its First DLC Pack Is All About Pirates

Achievements and trophies in the PC and PS3 versions of Borderlands 2 hint at a new piece of downloadable content called "Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty". Gamers on NeoGAF and other big message boards are reporting the details.

Here are the three trophies, as posted on both neoGAF and PS3Trophies, among others:

Treasure Hunter - Completed the mission "X Marks the Spot"

Gadabout - Discovered all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate's Booty areas.

Completionist - Complete all Pirate's Booty side missions.

Folks posting on the Gearbox forums have also discovered some details via files in the PC version:

- Each class gets a new head.

- New rarity level? (Level 6, "Seraph")

- New items/weapons. (such as the Blood Relic, Anshin Evolution Shield, Scarlet's Greed, 12 Pounder, Little Evie, Stinkpot, and more!)

- Lots of bosses and multiple raids (3)! (such as Scarlett, the Leviathan, Hyperius the Invincible, and Master Gee the Invincible)

- Covering someone in condiments!

Here's a (spoilerific!) dump of all the files.


    Sweet! I don't like DLC but this sounds pretty awesome, time to get a season pass me thinks

    What about that report from a few weeks ago saying the first DLC was all about Torgue?

      Maybe it's Torque vs the Pirates. The First DLC for Borderlands 1 was about Zombies and Jacobs.

      Borderlands 1 has such good DLC (via the game of the Year Edition) I simply knew I wanted the Season Pass, the biggest thing was EB sold me the points to buy it at a discount so yay.

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