Borderlands 2's First, Pirate-Packed Campaign DLC Is Out October 16

Rumours swirled yesterday about Borderlands 2's first piece of big downloadable content. They're true. The game's first official campaign add-on is all about pirates.

It's called Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty. It will take you to an entirely new area of Pandora, a wasteland that was once a beautiful resort by the ocean called Oasis. There you will meet new characters, embarking on a journey to find Captain Scarlett's treasure and battling pirate bandits and sand worms along the way. Don't worry, you can run most of them over with a sand skiff, the DLC's new vehicle (pictured below).

The DLC will be out on October 16 — same day as the original release date for the Mechromancer character class — and available for $US10 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

We'll have hands-on impressions of the campaign DLC next Monday.


    Epic! I still am yet to finish my first play-through but this is awesome!

    First the Mechromancer drops early and now this, need to pump a few more hours into it over the next week.

    Wow I wasn't expecting it to drop so soon :)!

    Question is which character do I play through it with? ...hmmm

    Those skiffs look remarkably like the ones from the Sarlacc Pit in Return of the Jedi... Can we expect some Star Wars lampooning perhaps??

    I usually don't buy dlc because I normal lose interest after the main campaign, but having just finished my first play through and getting some awesome gear and also still very much enjoying the game Im really tempted to get the season pass.
    Plus PIRATES!!!!!

    Even thought i got dishonored last night, i still went back to played BL2

    Is the season pass still available? will it be available beyond October 16 (as an initial purchase.. obviously you wouldn't buy the Season Pass after buying one of the 4 planned DLCs)?

    Perhaps Gearbox should be fixing the badass/skin/head reset opposed to making more money? but then again, as if they actually care about the thousands of people affected.

      Gearbox isn't just a handful of people. I'm pretty sure they've got the ability to work on more than one thing at a time. Plus, they have three different platforms to patch, each with their own submission process. But hey, as if you actually care about the people and the effort they put in behind the scenes.

        Clearly i do care, cause i spent my money on their product. Get back on your white horse and ride away, white knight.

      I'm not getting the game until they fix it. Stat resets are terrible in games like this.

      These DLCs were planned from the outset.. there's still a release schedule for these things to be followed. This DLC would have already been in development while the main game's dev was coming to a close. The "bug fixers" are a completely separate part of the team and will be working on those things separately to do the DLC dev's

      Couldn't agree more. I recently lost 8k of badass rank at the start of my second playthrough. Love the game but I won't be playing anymore or purchasing dlc until it's fixed. The constant threat of such a game progression breaking bug subtracts from the experience.

    Captain Scarlett? Isn't that IP already owned? Or is this a homage?

    the files are already downloaded, if you want to see some of the dialog go here Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\DLC\Orchid\Compat\Localization\INT
    and open the files with notepad++

    This kind of shit pisses me off. The new classes, plus a new campaign so soon after release is just plain greedy. I don't believe for a second that it couldn't have been put on the disc and shipped as apart of the original game.

    This whole "DLC just after release date" has become a trend and it really sucks because I like Gearbox, but pulling this kind of crap just makes me sad. I want to play their new stuff, but this isn't really "new". 10 bucks says it was developed along side the original game and finished well before the game was released.

    More money and more bandwidth, wasted. Developers need to start releasing the whole game at once, seriously. BL3 is great but there's no way I'm paying money for new classes and a campaign that should have been on the disc to begin with.

      Meh.. Even before the release, these DLCs were advertised. The main game is around 40 to 60 hours of gameplay. This is an EXPANSION of that main game.. Expansions to games have been happening for a very long time. It couldn't have been put on the disc because it was never planned to go on the disc, if they had put it on the disc then the main game would have suffered as a result. The main game is a lot of gameplay and worth every cent of the purchase price.

      Have you actually played Borderlands 2 yet? I ask because the main game is VERY big..

      Oh and as for the new class.. it was a pre-order bonus.

      Last edited 12/10/12 1:45 pm

      You think the developers have been sitting on their hands in between sending the game off to be manufactured and it actually hitting store shelves? That takes quite a while for a game with a global release, they've been working on the DLC in that time.

    This is going to be awesome!! My girl and I are currently on our second playthrough on co-op (no bugs at all to speak of other than being able to loot full ammo when playing co-op, but hey, no biggie) and we frickin love the game!! Mechromancer is fun to play and cant wait for the new DLC because who doesn't frickin love Pirates and Star Wars style skiffs xD !

    Oh and by the way guys if you live in Australia they were selling 2500 microsoft points with every copy of the game for an extra 25 bucks which purchase you the season pass thereby entitling you to all the extra DLC gearbox releases! Thats a grand total of 125 dollars, if you paid full retail ,for the main campaign, an extra playable character and all 4 pieces of scheduled DLC... Pretty damn good value if you ask me!!

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