Borderlands 2's Mechromancer Mutilates Her Arm For Science

Yes, I know some of those words, Gaige.

The third ECHO recording released by Gearbox — erm, Gaige — today reveals new improvements in the DT project. Until, that is, Gaige interrupts her monologue with news that her school/science project rival seems to be ripping off her mech designs. The result is the humorous rant you can listen to above.

The Mechromancer class is already available to download, and you can read my impressions of her here.


    Ahaha she is awesome! Deathtrap totally kicks ass too, had a quick play last night

      Same, It's so hard to stop myself from reloading after every fight >_<

      Found a Shotgun with a magazine of 1 too.... and due to the talent that reduces magazine size it actually had 0.... meaning you couldn't use it at all!

        I think that may be a bug, minimum clip size should be the enough to fire all barrels (remember there are triple barrel shotguns) at least once before reloading.

        the anarchy stacks are so frustrating, spend ages getting to 200 stacks (lvl 14 or so) and then some freak accident happens like getting hit by a train or being bum rushed by suicide psychos..

        anyways the talent in the ordered chaos which heals you after reloading gives a little insurance on accidentally reloading, (when you reload instead of going to 0 stacks, it slowly drains stacks)

    Easily my favourite character.

      Yeah I'm really liking Anarchy so far. Such a different play style.

      Is it because she's the only fleshed out character?

        The other characters are fleshed out, you just have to find their audio logs as part of Badass point tasks rather than have them hand delivered on the internet.

    This chick is awesome

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