Bravely Default Is Killing It In Japan. Hey Square Enix, Time To Bring It Here

Bravely Default Is Killing It In Japan. Hey Square Enix, Time To Bring It Here

People in Japan like Bravely Default. They really like Bravely Default. According to new numbers from Japanese sales tracker Media Create, Square Enix’s latest RPG moved 141,529 copies during its first week on the marketplace. There’s even talk of a sequel.

As Siliconera points out, Bravely Default beat out its spiritual predecessor, Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light — a particularly impressive feat considering that Bravely Default is not called Final Fantasy.

Still no word on the game’s fate here in Australia, though, no matter how many times I email the folks at Square Enix to bug them for news. Are you listening, Square? People are buying this game. We want to get our grubby, English-speaking hands on it. We’re ready for a localisation announcement. Any time now. Annnyyyyy time now.


  • This game has seriously made me consider buying a DS.
    Especially when there are other strong looking jrpgs for it.

  • Not a big fan of the Chibi-style characters, it works for light hearted games like Crystal Chronicles but it just doesn’t feel right for me in games with bigger plots. In FF9 they were chibi, but they looked a lot older than the characters in this do.

    Unless it got a lot of good reviews, I don’t think I’d shelve out $70 for this game. Not a big fan of the old ‘magic crystals’ trope, but it might surprise me.

    • Yeeeeah… the chibi throws me off too, but the animation and actions in combat look pretty awesome – and if i am correct, that was a laser from space near the start

      That’s always a point in it’s favour ^_^

  • Make, game better and for Vita. Then bring to english regions pl0x?

    Also hurry up and give us FF Type-0 on Vita.

    I am over entitled and growing inpatient.

  • I absolutely loved Four Heroes of Light. If this is the spiritual sequel, I will pay them my entire life savings of Two Tacos and a Burrito to localise it for Australia!

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