Bravely Default's Inevitable Sequel Will *Probably* Be On The 3DS

On Twitter, a Japanese gamer said she or he purchased a 3DS just to play Square Enix's latest role-playing game Bravely Default — then asked the game's official Twitter, if there were a sequel, would it also be a 3DS title?

Here's the reply: "Depending on the circumstances, I don't think it would change. Because I think a lot of people bought a 3DS for Bravely Default." So keep that in mind if you are buying a 3DS just to play Bravely Default or if you are just thinking of the possibility of a sequel.

状況によりますが、変えたくないと思ってます [@BDFF_OFFICIAL]

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    I want this game to come out here so badly :( The logical thinker inside of me knows that it would hardly sell though.

      Why wouldn't it sell? There's practically no competition, it's basically the only exclusive traditional JRPG on the system right now.

        I'd love it to sell, but by the looks of it the localization costs would be phenomenal. It would sell, but I don't think it would sell enough. It'd still be pretty niche I reckon.

        Saying that I've never wanted to be proven wrong more in my life :P

          Just thought I'd clarify: By not selling well I only mean in Western Areas. It'll probably sell very well in Japan.

    Its coming to Australia, its already been classified. Check the classifications website

    Sorry, was thinking of the wrong game

    That image requires me to buy a 3DS and Bravely Default should it be released in PAL regions.

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