Brilliant New PlayStation Commercial Makes Drake Fight Kratos




      Cool in theory though.

        Yeah it's a cool enough idea, but hasn't really come off.

      Pretty much eh. "Michael" was a hell of a lot better.

    Good ad, but so freaking UNDERWHELMING!

    whoever did the background music for this ad needs to leave their job immidiately.

    Nice idea, I like the play on that history between the player and the character, but I think if it started a bit faster and played on the history idea a lot more the ad would have been a lot more memorable.

    yeah.. that has got to be the slowest I've seen kratos ever move. Great idea, but poor execution - I still much rather "Michael" over this

    Not on the same level as 'Michael' but still more enjoyable then a lot of game commercials.

    Felt really weak. Nothing exciting. Also Kratos did not look godlike. He did not look regal or power, he had muscles but did not look like he possessed the power to challenge anything.

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