Broken Pre-Order Promise Angers Fans Who Wanted Rubber Watch

Broken Pre-Order Promise Angers Fans Who Wanted Rubber Watch

A pre-order mix-up has left a number of gamers upset at both retailer Amazon and Aksys Games, the publisher behind the great adventure game Virtue’s Last Reward.

On September 14, Amazon promised to ship the above rubber watch as a bonus to anyone who pre-ordered Virtue’s Last Reward, which is out tomorrow for 3DS and Vita. Both Amazon and Aksys assured fans that even if they had pre-ordered the game before September 14, they would still get the watch.

Something changed. Last week, Amazon emailed some customers — notably, customers who pre-ordered the game before September 14 — to inform them that they would not be getting the pre-order bonus.

Aksys addressed the issue in an official statement on their website Friday, pinning the blame on Amazon:

It has come to our attention that a number of customers who have pre-ordered Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward in hopes of getting the pre-order bonus have received an email from Amazon regarding a complication with their order. Unfortunately, it appears that the contents of the email have told customers that they will not be able to receive the pre-order bonus along with their purchase.

When we began our pre-order bonus promotion, our understanding was that all pre-orders placed before the promotional date would be honored by the system and allow customers to receive the bonus without any additional involvement from either party. However, we were just informed today that technical difficulties arose in the implementation of this conversion, preventing certain customers from getting the pre-order bonus. We sincerely regret and feel for our amazing fans (you) who have waited patiently for this bonus item.

Amazon will be handling any logistics involving orders placed at Amazon and the pre-order bonus item. While we would like to do everything we can to ensure that our fans are able to obtain their favourite games and products without any complications, our involvement in the final delivery of products is limited.

If you have any further questions, please contact an Amazon customer service representative.

Some folks weren’t too pleased with this response.

“As a long time fan and a cosplayer who really wanted this watch, I’m truly heartbroken,” writes Aksys commenter skyenix. “What perhaps disappoints me the most is neither party seems to be going out of their way to doing something about this, only apologizing that there’s limited supply.”

“[It’s] good to know how much the loyalty of fans who ordered all the way back in March is appreciated,” writes commenter obvioustwoll. “Way to go to bat for those guys, Aksys.”

Commenter DrMason:

Miscommunications happen. I understand that. Dealing with a huge retailer can be problematic. I understand that also. Yet, I feel that simply blaming Amazon and throwing your hands up in the air is the wrong solution. It’s poor customer service and it’s patronizing. Let me explain why.

You announced the bonus edition and very clearly stated, multiple times, that everyone who pre-ordered the game prior to the announcement would receive the bonus edition. You then announced two runs of the bonus edition, specifically telling people who pre-ordered earlier “DO NOT CANCEL AND REORDER. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BONUS EDITION.” And we, your most loyal customers, the true fans, relied on your announcement to our detriment.

And then we’re told that, not only will we not receive the bonus edition, but that there is no recourse for us. You blame Amazon, and Amazon blames you (yes, I also engaged in a live chat). And worse still is that, from a business perspective, you’ve chosen not to do anything about it because there is nothing we can do. Every element exists for a meritorious “promissory estoppel” or “fraud” lawsuit, but you know you the watch and tin aren’t worth the $US400+ it would take to get into court. We can cancel our pre-order or shut up.

Being true fans, not many of us will cancel either. It wouldn’t be fair to the Japanese team or to the legendary writer Kotaro Uchikoshi. They’ve done nothing wrong. But this will be the last game I buy from Aksys, and I feel I’m probably not the only one. You’ve put me in my place as the lowly consumer, and I feel seriously taken advantage of. I was planning on wearing the heck out of that watch and telling people how awesome the game and Aksys was. Now, I can show them my bare wrist and tell them how I was put in my place.

Aksys forum member smatchamo says he’s filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

Aksys, this is not OK. Your company should not have taken any official stance on telling customers to not cancel their normal pre-orders to purchase the special edition. Whether intentional or not, this led to misinforming your customers. You can’t just get away with a “OOPS, sorry.”

According to California Business and Professions Code section 17500, it was unlawful to make the public think we were buying one product when we are really getting another. This code makes no distinction on whether if the intent was direct or indirect, only that the information was untrue or misleading.

Your representatives promised us that we would receive a product that we are ultimately not receiving. This is a clear violation of this provision. I will be filing a complaint with the California Better [Business] Bureau.

I’ve had success in the past with going to the Better Business Bureau for untrue and misleading actions by game companies. Here is the link to the California BBB. They’re all business there, so please stick to facts only. Try to weed out opinion and conjecture. Truth is that the facts are damning enough.

This might all seem way out of proportion for an inessential trinket, but fans of Virtue’s Last Reward and its predecessor, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors have been very passionate about the limited-edition watches included with each game. Watches from 999 have gone for a few hundred dollars on eBay.

Interestingly, as of right now, it appears that Amazon is still offering the watch with new pre-orders of the game. The Amazon listing currently says “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (with Pre order bonus item).” I’ve reached out to Aksys to see what’s up.


    • I dont get it either, just looking at such a ‘quality item’ makes me beyond content with my $400 fosil watch.

  • America………. glad I don’t live there, might get sued for something minor like accidently standing on someones foot or something. Sure it sucks that they didn’t receive the pre-order bonus but come on …..

    • I see a few people telling the fans to “just get over it” is not the way. Imagine how you’d feel if you pre-ordered a product, looked forward to the experience, and then had it soured by poor communication, renegged offerings and a sour taste for the final product.

      At the end of the day, I hope more people will vote with their wallet. I know I will, I was interested in the game, but until Aksys sorts out a solution for their loyal fans. I won’t be buying their game.

      • If my ACIII came without the Connor statue i would go postal and scream fraud from the mountains.
        I feel for these guys.

      • FIFA 13 was supposed to come with a ball, hat and something else. I was looking forward to these but EB Games took it away for some reason and I didn’t really care to be honest haha. I was mainly in it for the game and DLC it came with. If they removed the DLC, then I’d be mad

    • Oh I understand that. I have missed out on a pre-order bonus before, because they ended up having limited supply which sucked but not much I could do about it and it was the game I wanted mainly anyway. I was just implying its america and they would sue over something so little.

      Even if it’s illegal its just a game and sure as up above people wanted it for cosplay, but surely you wouldn’t sue them over a pre-order bonus, right?

    • Must also say though, why the hell is amazon still offering the bonus now after all this? I’ll admit that is very poor form indeed.

      • I bought the Sonic Generations collectors edition and if say, the uniquely numbered gold ring was missing I’d be super p.o’d. I get where these guys are coming from

        • Yeah I would be to, but that was part of the collectors edition not a pre-order bonus. I do understand where people are coming from, but as a pre-order bonus I don’t personally think its a big deal. But that’s just me.

  • If you didn’t receive something that you really wanted and were promised you’d be upset too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rubber watch, or a ring or a goddamn plastic stick; it’s the principle of the matter, you were promised something and you purchased the game, based on the belief you would get that thing. It’s a matter of misleading advertising.

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