Burrow Your Way Into The Worms Facebook Beta

Team17's battling invertebrates hunger for the blood of a billion Facebook users. The original Lumbricus terrestris-based trajectory shooter is going social, and it craves your beta-testing prowess.

With bite-sized real-time multiplayer battles, weapons drawn from the span of the series' 17-year history and an array of stylish hats, Worms for Facebook is a different sort of social gaming animal. Should you find yourself online with your friends at the same time, you can challenge them to a four-on-four battle to the death. If they are offline you can battle their automated defence force.

You can rename your Worm Totilo, if you so choose.

But no one will see your Totilo worm if you don't sign up for the closed beta.

Join me, and together we will... well, one of us will lose. It could be you!


    How is this not a turn based thing? So many successful facebook/social games like Words With Friends, Draw Something, Songpop.... I could really see that format working for Worms. Submit your move, wait for a friend to retaliate.

    Seems that turn based would be a no brainer ....

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