Call Of Duty: Bayonet Ops

Created by Kotaku reader Jason Tedeschi.


    Some context would be kinda nice, for an Australian audience who presumably mostly didn't watch the third Presidential debate.

      Did you want us to fill you in? Turns out Governor Romney thinks that because we don't have as many naval military ships in the United States now as we did in 1914*, it's a sign that President Obama is gutting the U.S. Military (which totally needs to happen anyway, but I digress).

      Obama's witty retort was "we don't have as many horses or bayonets either."

      Conservative Blogosphere ass-ploded with fake controversy (yet again) that Obama doesn't realize our military still uses horses and bayonets.

      * It was sometime around WWI, I don't remember the exact year.

    So I guess the hurricane means the US writers can only submit stories by through a single text message?

    This is kinda funny, but like over a week late!

    erm what?

      tl;dr is some abbreviation that few people use, as it failed to catch on. it means too long, didn't read, which is perhaps sideways-ironic given the intention.

        no my erm what was to the complete non sensicle non article, not to the poster befor me

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