Can Nintendo Sell 5.5 Million Wii U Units By March 31, 2013?

Nintendo hopes so or, at least, it sort of expects to. As we rapidly approach the launch date for the Wii U both in the US and at here at home, Nintendo, for the first time ever — according to Siliconera — has set a sales target for the Wii U. It's looking to sell 5.5 million units by March 31, 2013. Can Nintendo pull it off?

I don't think the number is that far off, not really. I'd imagine that early adopters of Nintendo consoles will be out in force for the Wii U launch and, regardless of your own thoughts on the game itself, New Super Mario Bros. U is an extremely strong launch title.

I'd argue that 5.5 million units is a pretty fair sales target considering the console is receiving a global launch, ahead of the holiday period. The US is already pretty much sold out of pre-orders.

Any thoughts? How do you expect the Wii U launch to go?

Nintendo Hope To Sell 5.5 Million Wii U Consoles By March 31st [Siliconera]


    Not to start a hate wagon, but it seems kind of dodgy to me to now turn around and set sales targets when the pre-sale was so large.

    How big *was* the pre-sale anyway? If it was 4.5M consoles in NA, then this target is just a PR/shareholder stunt.

      Errr, that 5.5 Million is a worldwide figure, i can't fathom 4.5m just for NA. They're producing 7 million consoles, so i'd imagine that the 5.5m figure is under-estimating.

    From the 3DS article posted earlier - "From the beginning of April 2012 through the end of September, the 3DS sold 2,090,000 units in Japan, 1,390,000 in America."

    That's 3.4 million in six months for a unit that was a year old to begin with, and doesn't seem to include Europe or any other regions. I reckon they'll hit this pretty easily, if not smash it.

    Indeed, I think there will be more than a few families that will upgrade, even if they might not know what the differences are, if they felt the Wii was a positive purchase for them in the past, they will look to jump in.

    My concern is actually with Nintendo though, can they produce 5.5 million units before then? It still is a very lofty number.

      But then a lot of those families might look at their Wii purchase and think "we bought that and loved it for a few months or a year but nobody's touched it for 2 years now". Especially if they bought it for their kids - those kids are now 5 years older, probably teenagers, and more likely to be wanting a new iPad / iPhone.

        Just to clarify - I'm not doubting they can shift those numbers (which really don't seem like that lofty a target), but it wouldn't surprise me if 3 or 4 million are the long-time Nintendo loyalists more than the family / casual market that made the Wii such a success. I think it'll be the second year sales rather than the first 6 months that tell the real tale of the Wii U, for good or bad.

      They've already confirmed they'll produce 7 million by that time.

    Interested, I'll skip v1.0, see where the price point is at on the first minor/major revision vs new playstation vs new gpu

    Was unimpressive. Frame rates too low for a new console. Ps3 is a better purchase than wiiu

    they should get there pretty easy.
    i considered getting one for my daughter. but when you take into account a couple of games, classic controller etc. you're looking at close to $1000 for it.
    i think she can wait for a price drop on this one. just like i'm waiting for a price drop on the vita. that, and more than a 3 game catalogue, maybe even third party support here and there.

      Actually, when you consider that all Wii games will work on the system and probably be upscaled, combined with the fact wiimotes are compatible and probably the previous classic controllers too, you might not be spending as much as you think.
      Besides, you may want to wait for a dealer special, because Nintendo price drops can take a while.

      Yeah I've got no idea how you end up with $1000. 3 games and a pro console comes to $670...

    What is MORE interesting is that they also predict they will sell 24 million games in the same period. Maybe.... That the wii u is selling at a loss - now that could be the biggest ninety f up of all time.

      They've already confirmed it IS selling at a loss, but it'll be selling for a profit within 12 months.

    Pretty reasonable goals. It'll be interesting to see how they're going in the back end of next year assuming there's new Microsoft and/or Sony hardware coming out though.

    If the 3DS could do it, why not Wii-U? Interesting to see how long till the new XBox and PS aswell..

    The main thing is that they have the games that make the Wii U stand out. If there a exclusive experiences on the Wii U that consumers want it should have no problem reaching or exceeding the target. If it doesnt do well (which is unlikely IMO) sony and microsoft will be in trouble too. Consoles are in the same boat this time, and they are fighting against the tablet and phone market for your entertainment dollars a fight they seem to be slowly losing. Nintendo was smart, fight fire with fire, hence the integration of tablet in the controller. This might make it easier for gamers to transition from tablets/phones to consoles.

    Its a masterstroke really. Think about it, tablets/phones are selling by the containership load and alot of people game on those devices because the touch screen makes gaming 'easier' (touch screen only controls suck imo compared to other control methods) but those gaming experiences on the phone or tablet are mainly short and shallow experiences on small screens. In comes the Nintendo Wii U, it has the touch screen people are mostly used to and now introduces them to the more precise and accurate analog controls and buttons (and the motion control Wii introduced) and some other new things too, and games with more richer and fuller gaming experiences on your big screen TV! bingo opportunity to bring in casual gamers into the console market (well thats the plan) that have had a taste of gaming on tablets/phones - great strategy IMO. So to all those fools who still think Nintendo is ruining console gaming think again. They are trying to save it from tablets and phone gaming, which will remain the biggest threat Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft's console's will face.

      You sir, are on the money!

    If they release a new Pokemon Snap for the Wii U, they'll hit that sales mark easily.

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