Canadians Are Playing A New Skylanders Mobile Game Right Now

Canadians Are Playing A New Skylanders Mobile Game Right Now

While non-Canadian fans of plastic toys that come to life eagerly await this month’s release of Skylanders Giants, they that battle the giant ice spiders can download a free-to-play game called Skylanders Lost Islands right now.

Spotted by the folks at Pocket Gamer, Skylanders Lost Islands sounds like standard free-to-play social fare. Players build and discover mystical islands, sending their Skylanders on adventures. growing crops and just generally making everything your own. Skylanders can level up in the game, through it’s unclear whether or not that levelling transfers somehow to the physical toys.

Those toys will be a factor, however. Much like Skylanders Cloud Patrol, players will be able to put their physical toys into the game using codes packaged with each figure.


Skylanders Giants brings new characters to the series, and Skylanders Lost Islands gives them new ways to play. I’ve got my figures lined up for the inevitable U.S. release.

Here, Canadians! Enjoy your prize. You keep the arctic arachnids from devouring the rest of the continent; you’ve earned this.

Skylanders Lost Islands [iTunes Canadia]

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