Capcom Shifts 4.5 Million Units Of Resident Evil 6 At Launch

Resident Evil 6 has not reviewed well, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming the most shipped game in Capcom history, with the publisher reporting that 4.5 million units have been shipped to retailers already. That is a pretty big number.

It's worth noting that this number does not represent the amount of copies sold, just the amount shipped to retailers.

As a comparison, Resident Evil 5 managed to ship 4 million units at launch and that game ultimately managed to sell 5.8 million copies.

Capcom has previously stated it expects Resident Evil 6 to sell 7 million, and it does have a chance at making that, considering these current numbers, but you have to wonder if poor reviews and subsequent poor word of mouth will affect sales in the long term? Hard to say, but Resident Evil 6 might not have the same sales tail off its predecessors did. Time will tell.

Resident Evil 6 Ships 4.5 Million Copies Worldwide [Siliconera]

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    You have to wonder why they're focusing on shipped numbers? I'm gonna make a wild prediction that they won't sell 2 million copies to customers.

      I think that's the only information available initially

      Actually they sold 5 million copies up to date the game first before giving bad comments

      Actually they already sold 5 million copies ondate

    And if they make that many sales then here is why games series that lose their direction continue along failed paths because people buy them straight out of the gate instead of reading reviews and watching playthroughs.

    If games don't live up to expectations and have pages of raging fans online upset at the lack of quality and remaining true to its roots BUT still buy millions of copies 1st week than you only have yourselves to blame when publishers like Capcom keep dishing out versions like this. The demo should have been enough to tell you DONT BUY YET!

    You can always hire a copy from the video store, use/watch a mates copy and make an educated decision that way. If though you do what all the fanboys say and "Have you played it yet?" and go out and buy a copy all you are doing is telling Capcom that this game was a success when in fact it is not. Capcom's shareholders do not care if the game is good, only how many sales they made.

    Vote with your wallets folks, it's the ONLY way to tell publishers to do the job right 1st time.

      But all you are saying is to stop people from buying it because it has poor rating to boycott a specific company? It works for smaller companies to make them go bankrupt but for crapcom they will just kill resident evil and move on to another milking game.

      Last thing I want to see is RE6 be dismissed on the basis it wasn't "true to its roots". This was not it's failing. Personally, I thought the demo was excellent. I had a blast and bought the game Day 1 on that basis. I also happen to have thought RE5 was a very good game.

      RE6 should be dismissed for being directionless and dull. If Capcom had made a high-quality action shooter that happened to have zombies and an out-there plot then we could all discuss whether or not it should have stayed "true to its roots". As it stands, they made a sub-par action game that is irritating and uninteresting.

        Yeah, there is def. an major quality difference when you compare RE6 to Dead Rising 2 too. RE6 seems like an outsourced, hastily made game. Though the funny thing is, is that Dead Rising 2 is the game that was outsourced! (To) Blue Castle, who in my opinion breaks the "outsourced is shit" paradigm.

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    Resident Evil always sells well for some reason. Even that crappy spin-off that came out a few months ago sold well. It is surely Capcoms most profitable series.

    Dead Space is where it's at for survival-horror. Capcom should just drop Resident Evil and concentrate on Dead Rising 3. It's not hard to see that Capcoms developers were/are bored of Resident Evil, but were very enthusiastic with Dead Rising. And it shows in the game design. Dead Rising took the Capcom-Zombie-Game Torch years ago.

    Besides Chris's campaign, i think the rest is a pretty half-decent game. It's shit compared to ResEvil4, but still better then ResEvil 5.
    I'm usually really critical of games, so why do i like Resident Evil 6? OH GOD I DON'T KNOW!

      I'm usually not critical of games but ill tell anyone who listens that this one should be avoided until it hits $20.

      Mate, ignore the hype and lose yourself. You paid for that privelage. Remember that you can still enjoy a game without a 90% score.

    Its the last RE game on current Gen consoles, Capcoms main goal with RE6 was to experiment and the funny thing is Capcom can afford too considering RE6 will sell a million copies or more in the first week.

    You lot need to make up ur mind, you gamers complaine about innovation and you finally get innovation and polished gameplay and you still complaine.

    Its clear that capcoms goal with RE6 was to see where the customers want the series to go and by the reviews and my time with the game, Leons campaign was the best and was very fun and exciting to play because it went back to the Survival/horror of old RE games so the lot of you should be excited that this is a sign that Capcom will go back to the original RE games style.

    Personally RE6 is the best so far. It has multiple campaigns with different gameplay styles each, the gameplay is mostly flawless, the team AI is pretty great and the enemys are exciting and the atmosphere is spine chilling.

    But of coarse, people love to complain instead of enjoying.
    Get you balls outta your ass cracks and make up ur mind what you want. You have to spend a little money before you get wat u want and in this case, ur paying capcom for ur feedback and a future amazing Next Gen RE game.

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