Chapter Nine Brings The Prince Of Power To Avengers Alliance

Marvel's mighty Facebook game just got a fair bit mightier with the launch of Chapter Nine, the challenge of Excelsior Mode, and the one and only (give or take a couple dozen) son of Zeus — the incredible Herc.

You can call him Hercules. One of Marvel's more down-to-Earth demigods is now available to join the ranks of your imaginary Facebook Avengers team, a big and burly bruiser that's just as home in the thick of battle as he'd be on a package of Brawny paper towels.

Herc's strength will come in handy during Chapter Nine of the continuing storyline, as seemingly every evil organisation in the Marvel universe bands together to do some more of that there evil. The Fixer, Crimson Cowl, Constrictor, Abomination and the Hood are lining up to take you down, and should they fail the new scaling Excelsior Mode is there to offer more of a challenge.

I've really got to catch up with my Avengers Alliance. Who's with me?


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