Cheating Allegations Surface In League Of Legends Playoffs

When it was shut down and moved to a "secure location," the $US2 million League of Legends world playoffs was thought to be plagued only by technical issues, possibly a denial-of-service attack to cripple the event.

Now, however, come accusations of cheating, in this thread on the game's official forums. As Massively explains it, at the match, a large screen showed the audience the action, and two smaller screens displayed each team's position. While competitors were told to face forward, viewers said they noticed players turning their heads — basically, looking at the opposing team's minimap.

The first post on in that thread on the LoL forum makes the allegations in greater detail, with screen captures of the live stream that they say show the forbidden screen-looking (above). Massively got a statement from the lead referee from the tournament:

We keep a constant watch on all the players on stage at all times. We have cameras as well as live people walking onto stage to keep tabs in everything. All players are told that they need to remain sitting, facing forward, and with headphones on at all times, including during pauses. I can personally confirm that no WE player looked at the minimap at any point during the match.

League of Legends Cheating Controversy Puts $US2 Million on the Line [Massively]

Riot's BIGGEST mistake with world playoffs [League of Legends Forums]


    Probably just should have put the screens in a spot they couldnt look at? nope? ok

    they should have done what the international did and had them separated in booths so they can't see the screen behind them

      isnt that what every comp does?

      This, put them in sound proof booths, problem solved, putting players in vision of screens is just asking for cheating to happen

    A removable dividing wall would have fixed this. Or, you know, just some cardboard held up by sticky tape.

    $2 million on the line and they can't even put up a divider or have the players in separate rooms?

    This to go with playing via Internet (with the possibility of DDoS or simply bad service) instead of via a LAN even though they're sitting in the same damn room?


      The problem wasnt the other players screens, it was the big screen showing the audience. Obviously it was at the back of the stage where most large screens are placed at events like this.

        Which still could have been stopped by putting a divider between players and the screen. Or as Grandmaster B-Funk said, stick em in booths like the International.

    A $2 Million prize and they don't think to put the minimap out of view of the competitors? Maybe they should move back into the lemonade stand business.

      Yeah. That's just common sense.

    [Insert stereotypical ethnicity joke here]

    This just sounds like a problem waiting to happen really. Poor organisation, among other things.

    I believe there were also allegations of unplugging each others mice, holding their hands over each others eyes, shouting boo in each others ears and turning the monitors off.

      ^lol, my personal favourite is swapping the controller ports so that your in control of the winning character =D

    Every say I find another reasonto dislike "pro" gamers even more. and I really don't like thinking that way either.

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