Check Out All Of These Incredible Games Being Made In Australia!

Sometimes it's easy to be negative about the local development scene in Australia, but most of the time? I'm positive. We have an incredible amount of local talent in this country and this video, shown at the opening of this year's Game Connect Asia Pacicic (GCAP) event, does an incredible job of reminding everyone of just how many high quality video games are being developed and released in Australia.

I found this quite inspiring and it also made me a little ashamed. While I was aware of many of these games, and had played a fair amount of them, there were plenty that had slipped under my radar. I guess that's testament to the sheer volume of games being created here.

Thanks Leena and Giselle!


    I'd like to see some 'AAA' games made by Australians (in Australia). I know Rugby league will probably sell like hot cakes but that still doesn't strike me as a AAA game.

    One day I'll start my kickstarter for my Australian Outback Survival Horror game. After I learn how to make video gamez...

      Lots of people on this site actually know how to. If you ask, you'd be surprised how many people would volunteer.

      Kickstarter and 'AAA' don't really go together.

    Plus two New Zealand-made games are in there: Path of Exile and Rugby League.

      Rugby League as in Rugby League Live 2? That's Big Ant, which is a Melbourne studio. I think you're thinking of Sidhe who did either Rugby League 2 or possibly the first Rugby League Live. Also Rugby (union) Challenge.

    This is precisely the problem. The talent can't get anything big underway (ie AAA) because the people holding the moneybags are so useless. Rugby League is a good example - it was an Aussie project, lost to NZ because of an irresponsible Aussie CEO who never took it seriously.

      Curious what exactly was meant by this... first I've heard anything about it.

    oh wow, i didn't realise half brick was an aussie company

    Home grown tent was best part of the eb show. Its a shame so many missed the best stuff there. People seemed more interested in lining up to play overlybrownlookingshooter part 56437

      It really didn't help that it was pushed off to the side in the separate area like that. I myself really wanted to check things out in there, but also wanted to see Charles Martinet again (the time he would appear was kind of up in the air) and was too worried about missing out to go and hang in a separate building in the meantime.

      Thing could've been organised a bit better. Still, managed to have a good chat with one of the Nnooo guys.

    Wow, I never knew that a lot of the games and studios I read about each day are actually Australian indie studios. What's even better is that I've actually worked with a few of the people at them in previous jobs. Hopefully Australia finds its game feet again and becomes something of an indie nation.

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