Check Out Halo 4's New "Gameplay" Launch Trailer

Putting aside the fancy live-action stuff for a day, Microsoft tonight released this "gameplay" launch trailer for Halo 4.

As pretty as it looks, "In-game cinematics interspersed with brief staged moments of gameplay from a third-person perspective" might have been a more accurate title.

Though, admittedly, a bit less snappier.


    i enjoyed ODST more than Halo 3 - does that make me a bad person?

      No, but if you don't have a level 50 somewhere in Halo 3 then a lot of "competitive" players and MLG wannabes will consider you less of a person.

      Yes you are a bad person and you should feel bad.

      ODST was da bomb... much like Afleck was in Phantoms yo.

        I actually only watched Phantoms because of that line and ... BAM! He was the bomb.

      I was feeling more skeptical about milking the Halo franchise after 3. Then I played ODST and I was like "this is amazing." Was my favorite Halo game until they released Reach. I really like the focus on story and character in them both and while they didn't nerf you hugely I thought it was cool how ODST actually did feel a bit different.

      No, it makes you a person with discerning taste, which I personally agree with, though others may not.

      I think everyone that has actually played through ODST enjoyed it more than 2 or 3. Certainly everyone I know agrees that ODST is the best Halo campaign. The plot is so easy to follow and more personal than the other games - it feels really grounded, like you're just IN the Halo universe, rather than necessarily being the focus of it....which I love. Some parts of Halo 3 are a lot more "grand" than anything in ODST or Reach though.

    When does Master Chief poop?

      I've never seen him eat anything... maybe there's nothing for him to excrete?

        In the books I believe it's mentioned that Spartans go in their suits and it's then turned into nutrients and fed back into their bodies. Something like that anyway.

          I think you're right. There's definitely some sort of recycling system. I'm guessing it creates a mixture like powerade or something. But it's only used on long deployments away from bases. Spartans still eat regularly while out of te suit.

          No you're terribly wrong, they have ration packs and I think the spartan named Fred called them "vile". In halo glass lands Naomi mentioned the suit plugging into her more than the ODSTs want to think about.

    So it's Halo, (Transformer's) revenge of the fallen?

    Why do you tempt me Kotaku .. WHY?!!!
    Im trying my hardest to avoid everything and anything Halo related media till Nov. 6.
    But you keep posting videos like this in your news feed. Salt in the wound.

    I love you guys (not in that way, mind out of the gutter please.), but your killing me here.
    Can't wait for this game! Yay!

    Amazing what they get out of the Xbox visually these days, especially when you compare this to Halo 3.

    I'm confused by the very premise - Why are they evil? I mean, sure, they wanted to wipe out all life in the galaxy, but they had a very good reason... I wouldn't consider them evil.

      That's because they're not the forerunners. They're Prometheans. Two different races.

      forerunners arnt so much evil, as a few of them simply dont like the human race. the master builder (of the halos) for one, and more relevantly, the didact, who is the big bad in this game

      ***spoilers from the thursday war below***

      not to mention jul mdama leader of the storm covenant who also really hates the human race. probably didnt help that ONI kept him locked up and experimented on him :/

        Damn... more books to read... Haven't read the books since the original trilogy, so my lore's a little rusty. Need to find a copy of Cryptum, Primordium, and the time to read them in the next two weeks...
        That aside, they still don't sound particularly "evil" - maybe that's just marketing hyperbole...

        Last edited 24/10/12 6:09 pm

          you can get them in pretty much every book Melbourne anyway. I always look for them ;)

            Thanks, I realised that. Even picked up Cryptum for $7 on the way home last night. :P
            Eight chapters in, and I already know exponentially more information about the Forerunners than I ever knew existed. Need to find Primordium somewhere soon, but shouldn't be too difficult. PITA that my closest bookshop is currently closed while it moves to a new location...

    Is that Jeremy Irons doing the voice over at the end?

    @mrxion, over in the ol' Bungie flood forum, everyone has come to that conclusion.

    Also, there seems to be a bigger picture to this, no way can Halo span over 3 games with only the didact and a hand full of his toys. My guess would be Precursor involvement or something completely out of sight (such as how the flood were brought to the scene in Halo CE).

      The infection is now called flood mode and uses flood models for the infected, it leads one to ponder why they would go through the trouble of putting new models in for a multiplayer game mode if the models weren't in the campaign.

        I thought the same thing, Flood can be a good or bad thing depending on how much weight they carry to the story, could be better to give them a wee nod. I wouldn't mind the flood having couple contacts with the cheif, they allow for complete change in gamestyle, albeit annoying sometimes (Cortana...). But yeah, there's something missing from this picture, or else this story arch will be, plain. No sense in mystery other than how pissed off the Didact is and how far he's willing to take his anger to wipe out humanity. Unless there is that twist which flips everything that transcends throughout the game on its head. I've inadvertently hyped myself more haha!

        They didn't bring in the Flood models in previous games. It could just be that they wanted to give Infection the revamp that it sorely needed.

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