This Awesome Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Cake Is Aussie-Made

Perhaps not the most recognisable entity from the series' Wii instalment, the Furnix is definitely one of the more flamboyant-looking creatures in Skyward Sword... when it's not trying to kill you, of course. I'm not sure anyone's ever wondered what one would taste like, but at least one person will know, having made a cake in its image.

The cake, nearly 30cm tall and with a 24cm wingspan, is the work of one "Rhiannon" from Melbourne. Her account of its construction can be perused on her blog, though if you just want the essentials, it's a butter cake covered in fondant, buttercream and majesty. It represents five days of hard work and was put together for "Link's Blacklist", a fan tribute to the Zelda series on DeviantArt.

Hit up Rhiannon's blog for more information and glorious, cake-related imagery.

The Legend of Zelda: Furnix Cake [Cakecrumbs]

Image: Rhiannon / Cakecrumbs



    That's awesome! I would be afraid to eat it.. til someone put a knife into it and then it's fair game

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