ChefVille 'The Undead Chef' Quests: Everything You Need To Know

The second portion of ChefVille's Halloween event has finally launched in our restaurants, as players are now encouraged to upgrade both the Halloween Cauldron and Haunted Broiler to unlock Intermediate Level dishes. This comes by way of two new quest series that are activated via a single quest that we'll look at below.

From there, you can jump straight into a series of four "Undead Chef" quests, which we're here to guide you through now. First things first, you'll need to complete the Extra Creepy Cauldron quest, which is now available to complete for the next eight days.

Cauldron Crusade • Upgrade Your Halloween Cauldron to Intermediate • Eat at Neighbors' Restaurants 6 Times • Tend 12 Wild Pumpkins at Neighbours' Restaurants

This quest is a bit misleading, as the Wild Pumpkins task implies that you can simply tend 12 Wild Pumpkins at three different friends' restaurants, but it looks like you'll actually need to visit 12 different friends instead. This could be a glitch that's fixed later, but for now, be prepared for such a setup going in. As for the Halloween Cauldron upgrade, this is completed by collecting a large variety of building materials. You'll need four Cauldron Tricks, four Bubbling Banter, and four Spider Spells, all of which are earned through individual requests sent to neighbours.

You'll also need five each of Cauldron Treats and five Witches Warnings, with these two items coming by way of general news posts placed on your wall. When you complete this upgrade, you'll gain access to two more dishes: Cackling Kettle Corn and Beef & Pumpkin chilli, but of course, you won't need to cook any of those just yet. Completing this quest gives you five XP, 50 coins and two Corn. From here, you'll be able to access the "Undead Chef" quests, which immediately introduce another building project.

New Haunt • Upgrade Haunted Broiler to Level 2 • Have 2 Spooky Halloween Ribbons in Pumpkin Waffles • Give 7 Chef's Services with Creepy Crepes

Thankfully, both of these dishes are prepared within the original Haunted Broiler, so you can work on the upgrade in the "background" while these dishes are cooking. Just remember that you can't access the menu to ask for parts while a dish is actually cooking, so ask for everything you need to before making the Broiler "busy" again. A single Pumpkin Waffles requires two Pumpkin Puree, one Dough and one Salt to prepare (along with three minutes), while Creepy Crepes take two minutes and require three Pumpkins, one Flour and two Milk. Since you won't get very many servings for a single preparation of Creepy Crepes, you'll want to make sure you're actively playing the game when you serve it to finish this task so that you (hopefully) don't have to cook it all over again just to reach seven.

As for the Haunted Broiler, this upgrade requires five Werewolf Whispers and five Angelic Anecdotes, both of which are earned by asking your friends to send them to you specifically. You'll also need six Terrifying Tips, which are earned via a general news post placed on your wall. This quest guide will continue to expand in the future, as we learn more about what makes these quests tick.

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