Claptrap Exits Borderlands, Enters Real World

Mechanical sidekick Claptrap, one of the few constants between the first Borderlands and the second, is the subject of this terrific custom model made by Kotaku reader Psychobob.

A man with access to a 3D printer, which he's put to good use previously, Psychobob's Claptrap model is ridiculously detailed, and even lights up, in case we weren't impressed enough.

Which was silly.

3D Print: CL4P-TP (Commissioned piece) - The actual build [Psychobob]


    Wow...that thing is f**king awesome! Well done Psychobob!

    man.... i totally need access to a 3D printer.
    cant wait till these are cheap enough to buy for every day use.

      Desktop 3D printers have cracked the sub $500 mark, but for 1-2k you can get a pretty decent quality (high rez) machine. Don't forget you need to learn the 3D software and pay for running costs, but that being said it's still very accessible compared to when the tech first came out.

        I meant the all round running cost's, but thats still a lot cheaper than when i looked 3 months ago.
        give it 6 months more and i may buy one.

    WOW! I would buy this. You should try and get signed on to make limited run comissions for game publishers!

      oh, just noticed the link says "commissioned piece" hahaha.

      Go him.

    I bought a MakerBot Replicator 2 ( about a week ago... waiting for delivery.
    After seeing this I can hardly wait for it!!

    This is AWESOME! you should totally sell these!

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