Clever Move, Activision...

Via the personal Twitter feed of Josh Olin, former community management guy for Call of Duty studio Treyarch. Now at Riot.

Olin tweeted: "So this is the packaging that @Amazon is shipping @MedalOfHonor in.... Brilliant!!! Cc: @stephentotilo"

I've checked in with Activision PR to find out out if this was done just for Medal of Honor, for all video game mailings or what.

If any readers have received Amazon packages with the Black Ops II logo, let us know what was inside.

UPDATE: Many readers are saying that they've received this packaging for Amazon deliveries unrelated to Medal Of Honor. They've received everything from iPhone cases to Borderlands to a Kindle Fire power cable.


    Amazing how people automatically jumped to some sort of PR stunt by activision. Not everyone is as "sly" as samsung when it comes to promoting their products in places of their competitors.

    Besides, that sort of stunt would cost activision money. Looks more like its something amazon are doing to promote what they know will be the highest selling game of q4 for them.

      If I were Amazon, I'd have gone to Activision and offered them the chance to pay for the privilege. No reason not to have your cake and get paid to eat it...

    Aww... I was hoping it was a sly move by EA, getting Amazon to send out what appear to be early preorders for CoDBlops, but actually contain MoH. That would be awesome. Expensive, but awesome.

    Your brain. It's broken.

    Dafuq are you talking about. Why would Amazon send people who ordered Black Ops a copy of MoH for free. No part of the underlying logic behind your words makes sense.

    Go fuck yourself.

      Not once does the article say it was free. derp.

    Seeing the low review scores for warfighter I don't think Blackops 2 needs any more help, with no Battlefield this year the real competition is Halo 4 and that isn't really even in the same genre.

    Its a yellow envelope with some black ink on it. You people are easily impressed. If this seriously excites you - wait till you try going outside... Youll be amazed.

    Another quality piece of "journalism" by Stephen Totilo. Activision go all out for Call Of Duty. It's been happening for years. Hardly worthy of an article (if I can even call it that)

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