Close Out The PlayStation All-Stars Beta With This Guide To The Basics

With two days to go in the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta the game's developer, SuperBot Entertainment, has released this video covering the basics of the game. It's an attempt to answer a lot of the questions the studio has been fielding since the beta opened on October 16, but it also functions as a video tutorial for the main game.

The video underlines the importance of blocking (and learning how to throw, to defeat blocks). Dodging and air dodge also seem to be important moves to deploy. If you see special items, use R1, that picks them up and activates them.



    I downloaded the beta, went through the tutorial, started an online game and the constant inane chatter of children while the level was loading put me off enough that I quit the game and decided to stick to mature titles.

      Wtf, where do i download the beta?

        Was only for PS+ members. If you are, it's in the freebies section of the store.
        For a little longer, anyway.

    I grabbed the beta and then couldn't connect to a game. Very impressive.

    I grabbed the beta and saw everyone was only using Kratos.

    I downloaded the beta and it's pretty fun. At first I did have some connection trouble, but after a few tries it worked and continued working from then onwards.

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    I liked the Beta a lot, although I can't connect to the server lately. But I'm actually pleasantly surprised! It IS SSBB, but with PS characters, and that really is a spectacular thing!

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