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Wait, it's Friday already? Wow. Time for Community Kudos I guess!

This weekend is EB Expo weekend. Myself and super mega design man-god Ben White went there yesterday when no-one was around and just sort of skulked around the venue looking at the booths — and it looked pretty cool to be perfectly honest. Sort of gutted I'm going to miss it.

From what I can gather, it looks like Doc What and ShiggyNinty are on the ground doing some work.

That's the only way this nom email from Shiggy makes any sense...


I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Shiggy and the Doc are doing their thing on the show floor and Shiggy is a bacon deprived mess.

I don't know if you guys noticed — but now we have memberships on Kotaku. How is everyone finding it so far? It's part of a roll out that should be coming in the near future, but the end goal is to make the simple act of communicating a little bit easier on Kotaku. I know how hard it is to keep track of what's going on here, and our end goal is to make things easier and more manageable for everyone.

On that note — D.C. dropped a well deserved nom for our designer Ben White for fixing up his account issues "good and proper". Ben can be found on twitter here — you should totally follow him. WARNING: He talks about Battlefield. A lot.

D.C. also dropped a mega nom for Splicer, who hosted a Melbourne Meat over the weekend. This is the photographic evidence!

You had pizza? Without me?!

A lot of noms for Splicer this week for his masterful organising and hosting abilities.

Beavwa Quick Nom this week - thanks to Splicer for opening his home to a bunch of people he'd never met, and put on a bloody good night for us all last Saturday.

I have no idea how to correctly format Greenius' kudos noms, because the crazy font sizes he uses are impossible to replicate. I'll just screencap it!

Lamboman is probably the first person to send a multiple nom email full of anti-kudos.

First, I want to nom you for anti-kudos for not being in Sydney while I’m down there this weekend. Second, I’d like to nom Shiggy for anti-kudos for not being brave enough to start new fashion trends, and just going along with what everyone else says he should wear. Namely, he doesn’t want to go walking around with a giant mirror in front of his shirt to make his shirt look like it’s backwards.

As far as I know Shiggy only has one t-shirt — that one with the pictures of bacon on it.

Hey watch this — it's funny.

Aleph-Null has the best profile pic on twitter — just saying. But his Oprah style noms leave much to be desired.

First off, the obligatory (yet by no means begrudgingly) nom to the entire damned community. Specifics elude me, and I think that's great, because the whole thing is just amazing.

You get a nom! You get a nom!

He also got specific though, to his credit.

Noms to Shane, Tigerion and Trjn for being awesome and offering totally unprofessional and superfriendly not-legal-at-all advice on some issues that have arisen at work.Thirdly, a nom to Scree for reminding me to send in noms for the others!

Of course — the true queen of the Oprah noms is Strange...

Last week I forgot to nominate Kermitron for buying me Sughly's game Anna's Quest. Apart from that, I really don't have a nom this week. The community as a whole continues to impress me with its intelligence, humour, thoughtfulness and selflessness which makes it impossible to single any one person out, sometimes.

So yeah, this is another of those dreaded Oprah noms. YOU GET A NOM, THEY GET A NOM, EVERYONE GETS A NOM! :P

Before I announce this week's winner, I have a little request of you all, so kindly hear me out.

You should all know Sughly, a stalwart of the Kotaku community who has, on multiple occasions, totally delivered with incredibly apt cartoons that perfectly reflected whatever the community was up to at the time.

Sughly is also a video game developer, a really talented one. His game Anna's Quest is currently on Steam Greenlight, so I reckon we should all totally try and get his game on Steam. So head to his Greenlight page and help him out. Not just because he's a great guy, and a great member of this community, but because it's a cool game and it deserves more exposure!

Also I called it Anna's Room by mistake in last week's Community Kudos and I feel really bad about that!

Alright, now I'll step off this little soapbox. Congratulations Splicer — you are the winner of this week's Community Kudos!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    I too choose to vote for Sughly!

    Also Splicer. Though I'm not sure that he's running for anything.

    EDIT: I also vote for Ben, for giving me the awesome ability to edit his name into my comment.

    Last edited 05/10/12 5:22 pm

    Truly a Splicer for the ages!

    Congrats, man. Well earned. (Didn't mention it in my noms, but checking up on me through that twitter DM earlier in the week meant a whole lot!) Congrats to all the other nominees too!

    Last edited 05/10/12 5:22 pm

    wow what an epic post this week! congrats splicer! hugs for the rest of the community too!

    Hahaha! Awwwww thanks so much Mark, you're the bestest! Everyone in here is the bestest!! I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE!

    I did see that actually last week but I was too late to comment on it, the party was over and everyone had left, and I was alone talking to the streamers left hanging from the rafters.

    Shit. I forgot to nom!
    I was gonns nom Splicer, but he won anyway, so that sort of cancels out my ineptitude.

    Aaanyway... Congrats all.

    Yay Splicer! Your Meat looked extremely fun.
    And yay Sughly, creator of my son's most favouritest game ever "The great game with the great girl". :D

    You left out my second nom email! *flails*
    Congrats Splicer :D

    Oh wow! Thanks guys! I really didn't think it was a nom worthy effort though! I'm just happy I got to meet you awesome people :)
    Truly TAY the best group of peeps going around!



      That means you, Ace Aviator...YOU GET A NOM! Now come and play with us in Talk Amongst Yourselves! :D

    Oh God, a Melbourne meat and i didn't even get told /o\

      you clearly didn't read enough TAY 2 weeks ago.
      Also we should start using TAYNAMES for events ... there is an event tab after all.

    Grats splicer!
    I also had an awesome idea for the accounts on Kotaku.
    There should be like a Noms tracker - maybe like a little count next to your name for how many noms or likes or upvotes or whatever you have. That could be pretty cool.
    Maybe make them a bit harder to get though, rather than just spamming a million upvotes and likes.

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