Community Review: Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon: it seems to have divided a few folks. Admittedly these people are divided between thinking, 'this game is amazing' and 'this game slightly less amazing than I thought it would be', but when it comes to Forza — one of the most consistent racing series this generation — that's enough to stimulate controversy. Where do you folks stand?

I haven't had the chance to check this out, being busy sneaking past baddies in Dishonored (and chuckling whilst they discuss gathering whiskey and cigars).

I know, that's two weeks in a row I've had to rely on you guys and girls for the community review, but next week? It'll be all about Assassin's Creed 3, and you best believe I'll have been playing the everloving crap out of that one!

But for now — it's Forza Horizon! Thoughts?


    Great game finished it on the weekend very different then forza motorsport series has personality multiplayer is fun great for forza fans and people not into forza motorsport series

      It's sense of "personality" was basically what I hated about it. It's all; Energy drink! Extreme! Party Time! And the damn radio, although you can turn that off. The shaky camera that is supposed to make it look like it's being recorded for TV or something, I assume.
      It reminds me heaps of Dirt 3, I assume there was lots of crossover of the development staff.

      The actual racing is all good, I just hate the presentation, personally. Just give me some clean menus and get me into the racing. Dirt 2 & 3 and this game just have too much bullshit around Their otherwise solid core mechanic for my liking.

        I had the same feeling, I guess I will stick to F4, No harm done!

        i felt F3 was too clinical (didn't play F4). i think it fits with the casual nature of the game. i guess it will not be to everyone's liking. to me it felt energetic and thats what i wanted to feel.

        btw i liked the music

    I was really not expecting much from it, so glad I was wrong! Game is fantastic, takes about less than a hour of work to get quality cars, it's simple and fun, I think the free roam aspect with Forza feel and customization makes it perfect and not to mention online free roam with friends!

    As an avid F4 player, this game has been a pleasant surprise. Beautiful environments to cruise around, car customization from f4 (minus a few drivetrain conversions) and a decent list of amazing sounding cars has kept me playing since I got it. Even put down xcom for Horizon and havent looked back. The night time driving, albeit shorter than the daylight period, is just plain awesome. Even headlights have colour variation between cars. A must buy game for revheads, even if the map is a bit on the small side it offers enough variety to keep you coming back. Besides that and the fact that gaining popularity is too easy ( I went from rank 19 - #1 in 2 drift combos) it is a game well worth the shelf price. Crossing my fingers that decent cars and maybe even additions to the map will be released as DLC.

    I really enjoyed the demo. I cracked out the wheel and loved the off road sections. Will purchase.

    Played a bunch of it over the weekend, wasn't really sure what I was getting into but wow, it was pretty excellent. It's a really great mix of Forza's sim style racing and more casual free-roamers. There's a fantastic mix of events (slower technical courses, blistering high speed straights, offroad races) that you don't get in something like Burnout or Need for Speed and kinda a lot of them. Oh and it looks amazing and has a pretty great soundtrack. Almost my game of the year at this point.

    So, spent a fair bit of time on it now.
    Environments; incredible, surreal, authentic and lively. The transition between areas in the map (ie, mountains to desert, to country town urban areas) is pretty cool. IT doesnt happen immmediately either which makes it feel polished. The scenery is incredible and it you have a good taste and instinct for photography I bet you can produce some amazing shots in this game.

    Gamepaly is fairly cool. BUT, by no means 'Forza 4 physics' which i felt drove me to buying this game. I dont believe it is an accurate reproduction of the FM4 physics, but that doesnt let it down. It just annoys me a little. The cars handle pretty well and there are obvious variances in the cars to keep you testing the limits of each one.

    I think the car list is a little low. There isnt enough in there for me and some times cars appear in races that I cant buy in the game. That frustrates me as i want to drive them all. There is a massive focus on the DLC packs and the season pass is $50 aus dollars, which i think is ludicrous.

    But, my final comment surrounds the soundtrack. If anything, when you are cruising through a desert area, the sun is setting and you are listening to some of these tunes, you cant help but drive 'that little bit further' just to listen to the song. The soundtrack to this game is incredible and melts all the aspects of the game play together. I utterly love the soundtrack, mostly picked very well to suit the events that you partake in.

    Overall - a really, really good game.

    As a player of Forza 3, i didn't purchase Forza 4 because i was sick of the same old tracks which drove me nuts. Then i saw Forza horizon. It reminded me of all the great parts of NFS but without all of the tacked on bits. It was fun like F3 but was more dynamic, the open roads and print races are much more enjoyable in this environment. I still find circuit racing tedious, but so far there isn't any endurance racing. they also gifted me cars for playing F3, why don't more companies reward players like this?

    i do have some qualms about it though.
    1. DLC: yes i know there is going to be DLC packs but they really don't have to advertise it in the car showroom. for what the price of the season pass is, i think i will pass too.
    2. Micro-purchases: really? does Forza need this? cash is easy to make in game but why is there this token currency as well? its also too expensive. Leave micro-purchases to FTP games.
    3. Car selection: would have liked more but there is DLC, but that leads back to point 1.
    4. Garage: not always easy (and sometimes tedious) to change cars for events. you can't view the field like other games so its hard to match a car up until you have entered an event. if its not right for the circuit, you have to exit.
    5. Settings: you can only change settings in a race and then your stuck on them in free-roam. i like traction control off most of the time for drifting but its an annoyance when trying to hit a speed trap in a supercar and the rear end keeps sliding out, would be nice to have an option to change these for free roam or have separate settings for free-roam.

    overall i think the issues i have don't outweigh the enjoyment i have got out of the game. about 60-70% complete right now and enjoying every bit of it.

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      If you press start and go into either options or my profile (cant remember exactly) you can change the difficulty there. I have changed settings numerous times in free roam.

      Also, I dont think horizon is the sort of game where you need to plan ahead vehicle wise in races. I generally use whatever car im in the mood for and have no issues. The ai tends to use a mix of AWD & RWD for multi-surface or even full offroad events so you never have to be too particular about car choice. my 2c

    Played it on an instore xbox at EB over the weekend; Yeah looked pretty cool, liked the way the car handled, considered for a brief second buying an xbox. reminded myself about the PC investment.

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      the one thing i would like is a forza on PC. i could use my xbox controller but use graphics programs to make the vinyls rather than the tedious in-game system

    I have been waiting for a game like this for a long time. The sim style handling on open roads with traffic. It kinda reminds me of the sweetest update ever to test drive 3. There are a couple of things missing (original NFS style crashes, bikes and cops) but other than that it is near perfect in my opinion. Totally enjoyable just driving around listen to music, racing, exploring, all is a driving pleasure. GT and froze were too serious, PGRs weren't serious enough, this fits in between with the best of both. The Season Pass is steep but after the last week, I think I will be getting it.

      +1 on everything except forza being too serious. GT, yes. Forza not so much.

    I was hoping that the damage was better and more cars wouldn't be a DLC.

    I love Forza 4, so I was a little worried about this, but kind of excited too.

    Well, boy was I impressed. I don't think it tries to be Forza, it's not shy about presenting itself as its own game. The racing isn't as arcade-y as NFS, but it's definitely NOT got Forza's usual physics. It's a fantastic mix between arcade and sim, which works surprisingly well.

    I'm glad they're bringing out expansions and car packs, but I would have liked a better range of cars on the disc.

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