Conan O'Brien Knows How To Save Zynga

Zynga, beset by layoffs and financial losses, has been having a rough time lately. Such a rough time, in fact, that now it's the butt of late-night talk show jokes.

Comedian Conan O'Brien's site suggests five games that the social mega-publisher can use to turn their fortunes around. And sure, Brony Wars would attract a certain audience. But let's be honest — Draw Something was always kind of Draw a Penis.

Words with the Kardashians, HoarderVille, and Zynga Strip Poker (of course) round out the list. Scroll down for the rest of the images.

5 New Social Game That Will Save Zynga [TeamCoco]


    That Brony Wars would probably do damn well.

    Not even funny, trust a crap talk show to come up with this. The irony is that the target audience is what pumped up Zynga's popularity and revenue in the fist place.

      No, the irony is that you have no sence of hummor.

      I mean, how is HorderVill not funny?

        It's not ironic if I don't enjoy the show and at the same time don't find this funny, it's satirical.

        Perhaps, there are people out there that don't enjoy very low-brow content?

    Everyone knows Pinkie Pie is the best pony.

      We're not competing over best pony, we are competing over best brony. Not sure how that one works though.

      PS, Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo.

        Pinkie is always best pony. If we were going best brony, I'd say Dustykatt. The manliest brony in the world.

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