Cosplaying Lady Or Not, Blue Noodles Look Disgusting

This weekend in Tokyo's geek mecca, Akihabara, eatery LittleBSD wheeled out a noodle selling kiosk. LittleBSD isn't your typical restaurant — it's cosplay themed. These weren't your typical noodles — they were blue.

The noodles were "negi sio ita yakisoba" (ネギ塩痛焼きそば) in the image of virtual idol Hatsune Miku. "Negi" (green onions) is what the virtual idol is often seen carrying, "sio" (塩) means salt, and "ita" (痛), which literally refers to pain, is the same "ita" you see on those nerd sticker covered cars. The idea is the same, with this yakisoba covered in geek. Here, it's blue geek.

Japanese website Akiba Blog checked out the limited time only noodles, which cost ¥700 and apparently tasted like lightly salted yakisoba. Word of caution, though: the day after these noodles were consumed supposedly saw bowel movements in a "shocking color".

「余りにも衝撃的」 「まるでカラーゴム」 初音ミクカラーの痛焼きそば 試食レビュー [アキバBlog]

(Top photo: アキバBlog)
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    My poop was green once.
    I can only assume that blue poop would be even better.

    Green poop means you have way too much bile in your system and should lay off the kebabs/yiros'. Also you know, have a salad and see your GP.

      It also happens when you drink 'blue' flavoured slurpees :/

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