Countdown Skate 3's 50 Most Hilarious Glitches

I still play Skate 2 every now and then, but Skate 3? It never really clicked. This video, however, which ranks 50 of the greatest ever glitched clips I've ever seen almost makes me want to give it a bash — just to see if I can replicate some of this stuff. It's genius.

There's so much gold in here, so I find it a little bit difficult to single out one specific part as my favourite, but I'm going to go with the man running down the crane at superhuman speeds. That was pretty hilarious.

This video has pretty much made my day.


    It really upsets me that such a great series got cancelled it was the only decent skating series :( and now there are no skating games being made at all anymore.

      Agree. Skate 2 is in my top 5 games of this gen I would say.

    Wow I seriously can't stop laughing........ Such an awesome video!

    because of this video, i just went out and bought this game, random pointless is the bomb!
    super keen to pla it, dont know why i havnt thus far

      Nothing quite works out for me in this game. I can never even bail as awesomely as I want to when my terrible attempts at awesome tricks go wrong. Had a good few rage quits. It's my own poor co-ordination I know, but this is the reason I wish I never bought it.

    I don't know why but videos like this kill me, I can't even watch this at work right now for fear of looking like a giggling idiot

    Just like real life.

    This is so disturbing without music. They should have released this on loop instead of Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows.

    I'm in a quiet office trying not to laugh to loud.

    Ultra Ben Buja inspired at least a few of those...

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