Covering A PlayStation Controller In Stickers Isn't Very Gangster

To mark the release of crime saga Yakuza 5, Sony is putting out a special (tacky — sorry!) PS3 bundle, complete with a gold coloured PS3 controller. The controller is just gold — kinda ho hum. Know what can jazz it up? Stickers.

Today, Sega showed off the Yakuza 5 controller, which now comes with customised stickers. Stickers that will probably come unstuck with controller use.

The Yakuza 5 Emblem Edition console will be out December 6 for ¥37,800, stickers and all.

「PlayStation 3 龍が如く5 EMBLEM EDITION」 [Game Watch Impress]

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    Well gangsta fashion is already the stupidest thing ever conceived, so this fits perfectly.

    Gets a thumbs up from me.

      Your Comment makes no sense at all ? how is Gangsta Fashion stupid?
      Plus this controller and stickers look awesome ^_^

        *People defend 'gangsta'(?) 'fashion' in /playstation

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