Crysis 3's New 'Hunter' Multiplayer Mode Looks Unbalanced, Fun

Fresh from the Eurogamer Expo comes this new demo of Crysis 3's "Hunter Mode", which pits two nanosuit-enhanced players against a team of lowly soldiers with no stealth abilities or super-armour. Or chance.

It doesn't exactly look balanced, but it does look like a lot of fun.

(via VG24/7)


    balance is boring and over rated. Shit gets interesting when its "unbalanced". imagine if 1 out of 10 games your team of lowly grunts took out a enhanced soldier....the bragging rights!

    lol, can devs stop running the pc version with a 360 joy pad just to make ppl think that its the console versions graphics? I mean, if c2 is anything to go by, then that is definately not waht the final games visuals will look like :P

    Shall be buying this!
    The hunter mode looks sweet.

    This reminds me of left for dead 2 multiplayer, I now have a reason to buy Crysis 3.

    I think this would actually be really cool on the Wii U. If the game ever makes it there, that is (probably won't)... you could have 2 nano-suit enhanced players on the gamepad and 4 regular soldiers on the TV.

    Did he just say they have streamlined Crysis 3? Did they not remove enough stuff in Crysis 2?

    The more he talked, the more disappointed I got, Decoupling the sprint is the only sane thing about the changes, but separate armor/stealth energy? that eliminates tactical choice, now players can stealth up and then armor up into combat, rather than making the tactical choice of "should I armor up and soak up damage? or Stealth up for a surprise kill. You're not making the gameplay better, you're making it worse by making many choices, into one choice.

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