Dead Island Riptide Will Be Released April 23, Special Edition Announced

Dead Island Riptide will be released on April 23, developer Deep Silver announced in a press release today. It also announced a special edition of the game, which includes “a pack of exclusive weapon mods (for more creative undead destruction!), a digital strategy map (for the best expert advice on how to own the approaching hordes!), and a unique character skin (looks good and helpful for recognition among the undead.)”.

Deep Silver also unveiled the standard edition box art (above). The price point and box art for the special edition have not yet been announced.

Dead Island Riptide will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


    Nice and all but how about a trailer please and thank you.

      After the first one's trailer got everybody super overly excited without any actual basis in reality, I think it's best to wait for a while.

      I think there was a trailer with like sad music and a couple blowing themselves up in the end.

      If your talking about another trailer sure, Trailer please!

        Yeah cinematic trailers are nice and all but like @mrwaflle said, gets you all hyped etc when it is not reality. I want to see some gameplay trailers. See if they have actually improved over the first one or if it is just a different setting but much of the same.

    Loved the original but hope they fixed the awful leveling system. A zombie shouldnt take 15 mins to kill

      15 minutes to kill? are you exaggerating like 3-10 (really depends on hit/weapons) hits?

        I wonder if he was hitting a zombie with a broken weapon heh

    Obvious exaggeration but if you actually played the game you would know how stupidly large the health bars got once you were leveled.

    Erm wouldnt the game be pointlessly boring then ie its meant to be a challenge not running around one hit killing everything

    There is already a game with the distinctive word 'Riptide' in it, numnuts. Try again.

      It is also an aussie tv show - your point?

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