Deus Ex, Just Cause And Hitman Highlight The $10 "Square Pack" Sale On Amazon

gaming value hunters, Amazon is now selling for just $US9.99 the "Absolutely Great Square Pack"Just Cause 1 and 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman: Blood Money, Quantum Conundrum, Supreme Commander 2, and The Last Remnant. The purchase gets you the downloadable version of all games. If each game were sold at itsl MSRP, the $US10 price tag means the bundle is 94 per cent off what you'd normally pay. [Amazon]


    That's insanely good value. Obviously.
    Quantum Conundrum is worth that on its own.

    while that is fantastic value it wouldn't have worked for aussies unless they use a fake US address/account on amazon... just FYI

    Just took a look and " This deal s not available for your region". :\
    I guess we have to pay full retail because it costs so much to make the ones and zeros compatable with the southern hemispheres rotation.

      1s and 0s don't even look different when you turn them upside down!

    Amazon's digital game codes only work in the US.. Even Canada can't get those :(

    Saw that yesterday and almost wet myself :P Although, a lot of people from the US were willing to trade the steam codes for other games on Steam.

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