Disney Is "Pouring Money" Into Something Called Toy Box

It's yet to have been officially announced by the company, but in an interview with the New York Times, chief executive Robert A. Iger mentions a project called Toy Box, which is apparently an "ambitious" initiative.

The article says it's "a console game with extensive mobile and online applications", and will involve "various Pixar and Disney characters" interacting with each other.

That's all it's got, which isn't too much to go on, but given the fact it's a console game and not a browser title you'd expect it to be, well, a game, and not just some social thing where kids click in a digital salt mine for DisneyDollars.

The way the report also says Disney is "pouring money" into the project suggest at the very least they're swinging for the fences with it. Whether what we get is a next-gen MMO, a cooperative action game or something cool we don't even know about, I guess we'll find out in the months to come.

Disney, Struggling to Find Its Digital Footing, Overhauls Disney.com [New York Times]


    I'm predicting a skylanders style physical toy/digital character crossover. Then you'd have the toy, for your toy box, and the character for your game.

      Sounds fairly feasible. I guess they tried with Disney Universe - which was fun, and they've tried Kingdom Hearts, which is also good - so going after Skylanders sounds like a sound strategy.

      That was the first thing I thought of.

    dmag87 got it right, bet all your money on a Skylanders but with Toy Story instead. Honestly dont see otherwise, seems like a perfect match.

    This reminds of the Toy Story 3 game a few years back which was meant to have a "Toy Box" mode in which you could set up your own scenarios and play with them just like when you were a kid. Scenarios like "A transformer driving a barbie car leading an assault of troll dolls and dinosaurs against a fort being held by army men"

    I really frickin' wanted it, but it never happened. Kinda hope it's something like that (it won't be)

    You guys are all wrong. The Toy Box is a giant military submarine that operates independently and is supported by military grade bipedal combat units called Arm Slaves

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