Doom 3 Disappears From Steam In Shady Move

Doom 3 Disappears From Steam In Shady Move

You used to be able to get Doom 3 for cheap on Steam, on account of the game being pretty damn old. But ever since the release of its updated sibling, Doom 3 BFG edition, the original is nowhere to be found. You can’t buy it.

Well, you can, technically, but only as part of the mega-expensive id Software bundle which includes every game the publisher has ever released. So, no thanks.

The removal has rightly been seen by many as a low move, since there are a number of fantastic mods available for the old game that won’t work on the new one. Not to mention the fact the old game was cheaper, and did a lot of things the new update adds – like attach a flashlight to your gun – for free.

<a href=”Mod-ern Warfare: Non-BFG Doom 3 Yanked From Steam“>Responding to a query from Rock Paper Shotgun, id & Bethesda’s PR rep says “DOOM 3 and Resurrection of Evil are now only available through the BFG Edition, which also includes the Lost Mission. If you already own the original versions of DOOM 3 and Resurrection of Evil, you will still be able to access them from within your Steam library.”

“We do realise that there are fans that would like to purchase the original version of the game, and we’re looking into options for them. When there’s new info to share, we’ll let everyone know.”

Wrong answer. Or, to be more precise, wrong non-answer. The right answer would have been either “oh, whoops, mistake, let’s fix that”, or “hey, you got us, nice work, ok we’re putting it back”.

Mod-ern Warfare: Non-BFG Doom 3 Yanked From Steam [Rock Paper Shotgun]


  • giant GIF on my screen
    giving me a damn headache
    why does this happen?

    Edit: I should contribute something relevant. Dick move by whoever pulled it.

  • Why is this a surprise? It happens all the time with game of the year editions and complete versions. How much is the new version compared to the old one?

    • old version was about half price.
      and in the case of most(?) GOTY things, they dont pull the original. check borderlands GOTY & Fallout 3 GOTY in the store, still alongside the vanilla versions.

    • It’s not really a surprise, but still a huge dick move given there’s no other possible reason for it than trying to force people to pay more for the new version. I have no idea how large the mod community is but they’re boned, plus the new version is supposedly a less than stellar console port. They could have at least bundled it with the new version just like the Serious Sams. Are they going to pull the same crap with Doom 1 and 2 given the ones with the BFG pack are new altered versions? The id bundle does come down ridiculously cheap sometimes (for those who don’t have it already) otherwise I wouldn’t already own it. No one is going to pay $20 for Doom 3 this late in the game even if it was still there.

    • nothing against gifs as such, i just think having a full size one in the middle of an article is distracting & unnecessary.

  • Meh. It was a big pile of meh when it came out. So no biggy. Re-releasing it, without reworking the gameplay is a cash grab imo.

    I remember when it came out. I was SOOOO disappointed in it. GFX were great though.

  • I could never get it to run anyway, it bugged out with some error message. I THINK it was to do with authentication code (which I’ve since learn Steam provides you with anyway)

  • It was a solid but very underwhelming FPS.
    I have the original release and have just used it for the Doom Classic mod (Doom 1 in Doom 3 engine) and it is way more fun than D3 that’s for sure.

    iD should make a FPS with level structure like the old FPS instead of a linear corridor.

  • I’m tyhinking maybe I should actually go and play this one finally. Didn’t have the PC hardware when it came out and didn’t want to play it on console so I never got around to it. Maybe now is the time to kill a few hours.

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