Drawing Pokémon Based On Their Physical Descriptions Alone Is Harder Than It Sounds

Artist Noelle Stevenson has never played a Pokémon game first-hand. She has, however, accepted the challenge of drawing several of the combative pocket monsters, based solely on physical descriptions provided to her by friends and blog readers.

It turns out, accurately describing a creature that looks a lot, but not quite, like a duck wearing a sombrero is harder than it seems.

Some, like Vulpix, are relatively easy to re-create. The description, "Vulpix: A reddish-brown fox-like creature with six curly tails. It has curly bangs on it's forehead backwards, and shaggy bangs forwards. It has two pointed ears and sock-markings on it's feet. It also has big sparkly eyes" yields:

But then there are greater challenges, like Gardevoir, described to Stevenson as, "humanoid but you can only see the eyes, looks like it's wearing a helmet that turns into hair in the back. Red triangle sticking through chest. Ribbons for arms. Waist down instead of legs it kind of has a dress."

The whole project is worth a look. In some cases, the descriptions are even funnier than the resulting drawings.

Pokeymans [Gingerhaze's Tumblr]


    that blue thing looks like 2 planes flew at its head and got stuck there

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