EA Wants To Raise The Speed Limit

The folks who publish the Battlefield and Mass Effect franchises aren't above some really questionable marketing campaigns. Remember the fake protests for Dante's Inferno or the Dead Space 2 ads that talked about your mums? Now, their latest could-be-controversial gambit is a plea to raise the speed limit to 130mph (209km/h) because that's what Americans want.

EA took out an advertisement in The New York Times today, arguing that raising the speed limit in America to Need For Speed-levels would stimulate job creation and stop people from texting. The basis of their pitch is a recently passed law that changed the speed limit in Texas to 85mph (137km/h). It's clearly a spoofy attention-grab, but one that's a little tone-deaf to the dangers of driving so fast in the real world. Other meteorological concerns are on people's minds today, so we'll see if enough people notice to get up in arms over this. Or not. Your mileage may vary.


    Bit hit and miss there.

    I am completely okay with this if it was on the highway and people had decent cars that could get to that speed.

    I'm of the opinion that "drive to prevailing conditions" should be a general rule for open roads, not limited by some upper limit). You'd get far more sensible drivers, if for no other reason than the idiots would all be hospitalised. :P But seriously, it works for the Autobahn, and a few other places around the world, iirc.

    Lol, i'd like to see the average American car handle 130mph.. Some can't even handle the 55 mph on the freeway lol.

      I dont think america makes very many cars anymore. All rebadged jap cars these days so those speeds should be ok. American cars are poor quality nuggets compared to jap or euro cars. No loss to the world when their automakers scaled down.

        high speeds = get rid of slow cars = make faster cars = able to reduce old cars' emmissions

    Maybe they should focus on including manual transmission in their titles, rather than making ridiculous ads

    So you could say EA has the need for speed...

    Last edited 30/10/12 6:28 pm

      Yeah... that is the joke they are making...

    Cool I'm sure the parents of a child that had their guts splattered across the road like a magenta hued rainbow pate, with limbs and bones and shit all over the shop due to a speeding vehicle will totally see the humour in this

      As will the deceased soldiers parents when blops 2 comes out. EA is so uncaring :p

      this is called tongue and cheek ppl get over it. it wasn't gut busting funny but certainly not offensive.

      Speed doesn't kill, inexperience and bad roads does, stop believing everything the government tells you. Too many sheeple in the world.

    Studies have shown that as long as the roads are good the speed limit doesn't matter, good roads with no speed limit actually had less accidents actually.

      For freeways. Please dont try and suggest those statistics also apply to urban driving and country back roads.

    On the plus side it would be great population control for stupid people

    Man, EA are so hip and cool. I really want to buy all their products. This tactless and nonsensical marketing scene has been 100% effective.

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