Electronic Arts Asked Everyone What Movie They Would Make Into A Video Game. Here's What They Said.

Earlier this afternoon, Electronic Arts' official Twitter feed posed a question tailor-made for the post-lunch doldrums of a hump day in a four-day work week. If you could turn one movie into a video game, what would you choose? The question gathered more than 600 responses.

Curiously, none of them mentioned Road House. None mentioned They Live None mentioned Buckaroo Banzai, nor Deliverance, but that's probably a good thing. There was a lot of Inception, and Hunger Games and The Neverending Story, though.

We've culled together more than 30 other replies representing gaming's cinephile constituency. What's your take, should any of these be greenlit? Or do you have something else in mind?

Hey. The Godfather II was not a horrible movie. Just a horrible game.

Yes. Although it sounds a little too: Driver: San Francisco-y.

They did, junior, it was called Dark Forces.

Great answer if Capcom was asking the question.

Wasn't that a Meg Ryan romantic comedy?

Chuck Norris' characters don't appear in video games' reality. Video game characters appear in Chuck Norris' reality.

Might want to ask Gearbox about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Kaos Studios about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Sierra about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Zipper Interactive about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Radical Entertainment about that idea's viability.

Might want to ask Ubisoft about that idea's viability.

Oh Jesus Christ, no.

Thought provoking.

You mean Need for Speed: The Run?

I fart in your general direction.




YES. But only if you can get the full soundtrack.

Was that the Brazilian title of this movie starring Heather Graham?

They've done three of these0 already, Jordan.

Considering that was a U.S. remake of a Chinese crime film, I'd suggest you check out Sleeping Dogs.

We've come full circle when we're this starved for a World War II shooter.

Zynga's lawyer weighs in.

Yes, because who doesn't want to listen to 12 hours of Nicholas Cage speaking in a fake Southern accent.

They DID. It was SHIT.

Oh God, NO.

I'm trying to imagine the need for motion controls here.

Haven't heard of that one.

A little Red Dead Redemption-y, but The Good, the Bad and the Ugly will always have a special place in my heart.


Another winner!

This is hands down the winner.


    I actually really enjoyed Sucker Punch. So did anyone else that I know that has seen it. But no I do not want a game of it.
    The Raid Redemption could be ok though. Especially with perhaps Arkham City fighting mechanics.

      Yeah you probably shouldn't do drugs, m'kay?

        Sucker Punch was not a bad moive. It just requires a high IQ to understand.

          A high IQ? Oh please, it was exploitative misogynistic trash dressed up in expensive CGI.

            It has layers of delightful metaphors and symbolism that if you actually use a few brain cells to think about you realise how clever the whole movie is. You have to pull pieces together yourself, work connections out yourself, this was a movie that you had to think about to understand, heaven forbid!

            For something that is 'misogynistic' it was certainly tame. The setting of a whorehouse could have definitely been a lot more raunchier and risque, the actions of the women more suggestive and the camera angles on their outfits far pervier.

            While I won't say it was a brilliant movie or anything, it's not to be taken at face value for what it is. I don't believe it's empowering for females at all, but it doesn't swing the other way either.

            So don't just write it off as 'misogynistic trash', when you haven't considered the other possibilities of what it may be. Its a subtle undertone over a large loud exterior. I guess you were sucker punched.

              I agree.
              The movie was more like a Heavy Metal comic than a film anyway.

              We need more people like you.

      I really enjoyed it too. And I'm gay, so it had nothing to do with sex appeal, it had gorgeous artistic direction and while the plot wasn't super it made perfect sense... Plenty of clever symbolism and metaphors if you have half a brain to see them...

        Haha, the link to the review of Sucker Punch is hiliarious, like most people, the reviewer didn't get it either...

    When I saw that first pic, I thought someone had recommended Mrs. Doubtfire, then I realised it wasn't her.

    I'm still waiting on a decent Stargate game... Would love to see a third person action/adventure/RPG or something based off the entire series (not technically a movie, but it was to start)

      there's a fan made one coming out that actually looks awesome! can't remember what it's called, pretty sure it was featured on Kotaku a week or two ago.

    No Breakfast Club

    This proves the general public are morons

    No Johnny Mnemoic? Come on, you could play as cyber-punk Ice-T with a crossbow!

    My little list:
    Rise of the Guardians

    Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

    They should make a game based on that Max Payne movie.

    I'm a little annoyed with the snarkyness of the Authors comments. Gone in 60 seconds, bad idea. Smokey and the Bandit good idea? Smokey and the bandit, add a Trans Am to the new Need for Speed Most wanted game... done.

    I like Smokey and the bandit it's a classic car chase movie, but asking for a car chase game when EA are about to release on with Criterion's help.

    How do you take the movie Scarface and come up with the game Prototype? How does anyone come to that comparison, either you've never heard of the movie or the game or both.

    GI Joe, could be a fantastic game, you just need people who love GI Joe to make it. Look at the crappy Transformers games that came out around the movies, and than Look at War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, these are practically love letters to Transformers fans. The Difference being High Moon cares. (Also I know High Moon made the 3rd movie game the Super easy difficulty combined with the sell the Stealth Mode toys did not help the game.)

    My Suggestion, Death Race. Sure it's a racing game with Machine guns, sure they made it before and called it Carmegeddon, minus the guns (Original Movie had no guns if I recall correctly) but who doesn't want a new Carmegeddon, who doesn't want a racing game with Machine guns?

    Movies and games are different mediums, cross over is hard to get right while being true to the original source.

      The Scarface/Prototype connection? Both games made by the same dev. Which has now folded, i believe.

      On topic: Serenity. Or maybe Blade Runner (I know they did a point and clicky thing, but i'm not a huge fan of point and clicky. I'm thinking maybe a little more LA Noire-ish?).

        Didn't remember the Scar Face game at the time hovered over the link and saw prototype and thought WTF.

      Wow you think High Moon Studios care? WFC was the best thing that ever happened to the Transformers game license agreed but it still had problems that most people forgave in light of how good the game was compared to previous games. However, the PC community never got the DLC that was released on 360/PS3.

      Fall of Cybertron is a rehash of WFC. They took out co-op in story mode but made the story better. Multiplayer is boring compared to WFC. They took out vehicle abilities, removed killstreaks and generally butchered the community with their stupid nerfing. Host migration is still inadequate and the biggest problem was all the on-disc DLC. Perceptor and Wheeljack were fully playable in escalation mode but were locked in Multiplayer and demanded $10US or more to unlock them and a few other chars.
      They screwed up Escalation by making each make only have a choice of 4 chars and generally making it easier to finish. They still haven't made a Dinobot escalation map.

      If this is a love letter to Transformers fans, I'd rather burn it.

        ...so you're bitching about the multiplayer in a single player focussed game?

        I suppose I could say they care more than the makers of the Transformers Movies.

        But I really liked both those games. Buying skins is very lame, they should be unlocks for in game achievement. But I blame that on more than the creators of the game. Nobody is going to think it's perfect but damn, true to the history of the franchise awesome character designs who look like actual Transformers (With the exception of some Decepticons).

        It certainly shows more love than anything previously. I never played WFC on PC so I didn't know about the PC issues. But that is a valid point.

        Not sure where I stand on Multiplayer but, I gave up since the only games I could get into where Deathmatch a genre I'm not a fan of.

      Death Race has been done before, it's called "Death Rally".
      The game is available on Steam now, but that's the port of the iphone remake of the original game.

      I much prefer the original, something about the new one, probably a few somethings, just annoys me.

      Actually a game based on Death Race was already made and released in 1976. This was based on the 1975 Death Race 2000 movie that this newest movie is a remake of... So there actually is a Death Race and its not called Carmageddon.. I used to play it as a kid...

    i would have recomended inception but they would probs screw that up bigtime

    Wow, I didn't think there was anyone else out there besides me who remembers Dark Forces

      I'm surprised no-one bought up Republic Commando, that game was the shiz. Unbelievable fun

    @ the Gladiator YES comment... Dude has to play Shadow of Rome... That's pretty much gladiator. Ace game too, the only game you can chop someone in half at the waist and the commentator yells HUMAN VOLCANOO!!!!

    Why would you name movies that have already had games based on them? Neverending story , blues brothers, scarface. There are at least TWO fucking monty python games!! Indeed one is called MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL .
    My vote - adaptation.

    Red Dawn was already done with Modern Warfare 2.

    i like the idea of gone in 60 seconds. could be a sandbox game focused mainly on cars instead of being a gangster like GTA. Dont think need for speed the run even comes close to gone in 60 seconds. (the game was horrible anyway)

    anyway there is my two cents :D

    They should turn a video game into a video game, more specific Need for Speed Underground 1. yep! they should totally remake it, set in the same time period as the first (2003 lol) when street racing was Underground (more so then now). The upcoming Most Wanted looks great but the first Underground is still my fav. I've even got a title sorted, they can call it Need for Speed Underground Revisited or something corny like that, there half the work is done for them...

    I'm sorry, I've to much Coffee already.

    The first time I watched Sucker Punch, I didn't know if I liked it. Now, I seem to like it more and more each time I watch it. I thought the message and theme was pretty obvious, but it appears that so many people just don't "get" that film, and can't see past the surface value. Of course, it's not going to go down in history as one of the greats, but I think it has the potential to be an interesting, psychological action game.

    As if no one said District 9....

    Dark City would be awesome

    Driving Miss Daisy. Either that, or Howard's End.

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