England's Soccer Players Aren't Allowed To Play Video Games (Too Much)

This story is brilliant. As a result of flagrant, offensive tweeting (mainly by Chelsea full-back Ashley Cole) the England soccer team is currently being hit with a new set of regulations and guidelines, which outline how they should be conducting themselves online and in public. One of the rules apparently limits the amount of time players are allowed to spend playing video games, reports the BBC.

The actual rule itself has yet to be made public, so we don't know precisely how long the England team is allowed to spend playing FIFA, PES, or any other game for that matter, but it is interesting that this is something that's even being considered by the English FA.

It's still difficult for me to get my head around the idea that sports stars play video games in the same way as the rest of us. Growing up soccer players would talk about playing pool, golf or cards, to pass the time between matches — but I suppose that top level sports stars are now young enough to have grown up with video games so, in a sense, the rules have changed a little.

But banning players from spending too much time with games? It seems a little harsh. Surely video games would work perfectly as a stress reliever during training and, bloody hell, these are fully grown adults we're talking about here, not children!

Part of me wonders if this isn't just some massive publicity stunt on the part of EA or Konami!

England players given matchday Twitter ban under new code [BBC]

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    Footballers are always tweeting about their FIFA exploits. Or they were at least, till I decided they were all a pack of wankers and unfollowed them. ha! Seriously though, England's Football Association is a bit of a joke, isn't it?

    Some people get 'Road rage' and some people get 'Gamer rage'. May be a preventative so they don't get too caught up in that side of things. Imagine them saying they're injured or sick and then going home to do a raid. haha that would be funny though.

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