ESPN Gives More Attention To The NHL In A Video Game Than It Does In Real Life

The National Hockey League is frozen in a labour impasse that so far has canceled opening night festivities scheduled for today, and shows no sign of ending any time soon. So, in steps EA Sports, using NHL 13, to provide a simulation and highlights for how the season would play out. Here are highlights from the first week of canceled games. And to narrate them, here is ESPN's hockey token Steve Levy — who has no presence in the video game, that I know of, anyway.

It's good to see ESPN showing support for fake hockey, when its coverage of real hockey, amidst a labour crisis, is dwarfed by the airtime the network has given to the WNBA.


    Now if only people were actually playing the game

      I play the game, daily. It's one of my favorites on 360.

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