The Lore Of Uncharted In One Minute

In the years between Uncharted and Uncharted 3 you, like me, may have forgotten quite how the whole backstory ties together, instead getting to distracted by shooting and stealing everything. Luckily, the Lore in a Minute team is on it!

In 60 colorfully animated seconds, the history of Nathan Drake's life all ties together and makes sense. Just, uh, don't go bringing this particular version of the life and times of Sir Francis Drake to your history teacher.


    Its so much more interesting now that Nathan Drake is a complete nut case, hopefully the fourth title dives further into this.

      That's why Nathan Drake is one of my favourite game characters ever. He's funny, charismatic, intelligent, and affable; but there is also such a dark lugubrious side to him; a side we haven't seen too much off, but a side we know exists within him. It just makes him seem more real, more tangible than just another video game hero; and over all, it just makes him all the more likable for it.

      As mchaza said above me; I really hope Naughty Dog -if they decide on a fourth installment- delve further into the psyche of a man who lives dangerously close on edge morality and insanity.

        After reading your post, I am going to do my best to work the word 'lugubrious' into every conversation I have from now on.

          The trick is trying to keep a straight face when you say it.

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