Explore Mass Effect's Citadel To Your Heart's Content In This Minecraft Build

Players re-create all kinds of amazing things in Minecraft, from the vistas of Game of Thrones to the bright world of a href="http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/09/the-glorious-edible-candy-kingdom-of-adventure-time-recreated-in-minecraft">Adventure Time.

King's Landing really was impressive, but my heart belongs to this painstaking reconstruction of the Citadel Presidium, from the Mass Effect series. The eventual scale of it boggles the mind: the creator has a full gallery of clearly recognisable images and still, at the time, claims to be only 20% done. Now all it needs is blocky space pigeons and the effect will be complete.

Mass Effect Presidium [20% done] I need skilled builders ! [Planet Minecraft, via IGN]


    Forgot a '<' on the ling tag there.

    Nice find, I'll definitely need to download this when I get home

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