Final Fantasy XIV Has Bust Size, But I Don't See Jock Size

As part of Final Fantasy XIV's reboot, the game is getting a reworked character creator. It allows you to customise your character's appearance, such as height, eyebrows, and even jaw and tail length.

This recent batch of screenshots (via Siliconera) shows how you can customise your character's bust size: from Very Small to Very Large. It doesn't seem as though you can customise your character's jock size, which seems like it would be only fair!

Some might want to run around with a big codpiece. You know, instead of trying to compensate by carrying a big sword.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's New Character Creator [Siliconera]


    Everyone knows male characters in the FF universe are all secretly girls.

    I really do love FFXIV's character design.

    You can only customise your bulge after you find the secret codpiece armour.

    It's good to see that they didn't go with comedy size for the "very large" option.

      i'm sure you could use cheat engine to introduce that

    Myself, I love the "tail length" option.

    Of course you don't see a "jock size" option. Breasts are glorious symbols of the "superior" sex and openly flaunted and worshiped, while those horrible, offensive penises are hidden away as if they don't even exist! Sqeenix is obviously run by feminists! It's madness I tell you! MaaAAAAaaADDNESSS!!1

    Some females have really big boobs, far larger than the very large option pictured, though it is rare on such slim frames, it is not really that uncommon an occurrence. Yes, people are tired of seeing another huge breasted game character, but I don't think big boobs alone should be seen as immediately silly and sexist. A close friend of mine has large breasts, should they be seen as comedic or obscene? There are many body types, though they may not fit the mold of the commonly seen adventurers physique, they make for interesting and fun game characters.

    I wouldn't exactly call that "Extra large" to be honest, i think the slider option would be better too

    So if that is the Lancer's normal armour, imagine what the 'small clothes' would be...

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