Fire Emblem: Awakening Looks Absolutely Tremendous

At E3, Reggie casually mentioned (to Kotaku) that the newest Fire Emblem game will be coming to North America.

Thank god for that: footage from the game is looking wonderful. Fire Emblem: Awakening is out for 3DS in early 2013.


    And they say that mobile gaming is the future..

      How good is that N-Gage? :P

    This is my most anticipated game coming out next year. Looks so good!

    As long as they keep the random reinforcements out of the game this will be awesome. Tactics meant so little in the Wii Fire Emblem as you could plan for all contingencies for the units on screen and then next turn units would show up next to you or behind. Had to turtle around the map which was dull.

    omg i really want that. gimme gimme gimme

    looks incredible... but could they have gotten someone with a bit more personality to talk about it?

    I can't wait!! They say Q1 2013 but I'm hopeful it will be early release like January

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