First DayZ Screenshots Are...Well, There's No Zombies

The upcoming standalone version of DayZ, currently a mod for military sim ArmA II, won't look too different from the original. As you'll see from these screenshots, the first released for the project.

There's no people. No zombies. No buses. Just empty buildings, which look a lot like those already found in the game, albeit maybe a little better furnished.

In a nice touch, it's explained that not only are these in-progress shots, but they're taken on "normal" graphics settings, so those with more powerful systems can expect something a little crisper.

It's probably a good way to ease people into the game, truth be told! Don't get their hopes up. Just gently remind them that, hey, this is mostly going to be the same thing you're playing now, only a lot less janky. We hope.

Interior work in progress screenshots taken from inside DayZ standalone [DayZ]


    wider doors!!



      If you have a read, they say it's work in progress, it's random pictures of a town they have created and the graphic detail/textures aren't at the highest level.

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        Jake wants attention

    Also worth remembering that the original house models Bohemia made didn't take into account the interiors so they're working with what they've got, basically. And the textures are incomplete, too.

      It's a stand alone. They shouldn't really be working with "what they have", they should be making new assets specifically for DayZ so that they work for what DayZ is supposed to be, not what it was due to Arma. Afterall, is this "DayZ" or "Arma: Zombie Mode"?

        Attack me, sure guy! I must be an employee or something.

        I'd say they're using said models as they said they're going to reuse Cherno and then look at other maps, if I recall correctly. Also, re-using (rehashing, rather) models (from the same studio company etc) is common practice in the industry from what I was once told.

        Or just continue or your hostile way and I'll go my own way.

          f4ction yeah theyre making Chernarus +, a map where all buildings can be entered and apparently no more cardboard boxes. We hope.

        "They shouldn't really be working with "what they have", they should be making new assets specifically for DayZ "

        They have been. The game started off as a mod and has a specific look. They cannot change the entire look or they will alienate the fanbase. Overtime it will likely change significantly, from the original version to now it has changed significantly, over time it will change again. These screenshots show an increase in detail again. Given DayZ doesn't have a mega budget, this is quite an achievement. Also just throwing out the idea that 'they should be making new assets', well, care to be uber specific there? Seems like a pretty generic statement to throw around?

    So. Excited.

    As long as the zombies die when you shoot them and have decent ragdoll animation, I'll be happy. Oh, and it would be awesome if it wasn't possible to break your legs from falling off a 2 foot high object.

      ^this. heck yes.
      Also fix the hacks. And have a better bandit system. I'm tired of spawning, legging it to a town and getting sniped.

    Maybe you should try a private hive :)

    This could only mean one thing, i heard from a friend that they are making it so u can enter and loot EVERY SINGLE BUILDING!!!
    How epic is that?!

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