First Look: Battlefield 3: Aftermath, Ready To Shake Up Multiplayer

The next multiplayer Battlefield 3 expansion, subtitled Aftermath, is set in post-earthquake Iran and features four new maps.

Other new features include three new vehicles, as well as a new deadly crossbow. Besides all this, there's a new Scavenger mode, which EA describes as, "an objective based Conquest mode where lost soldiers armed only with a pistol must search the environment to find more powerful weapons and increasing their chance for survival."

Check out the debut trailer above.


    Although each new map pack is happily welcomed by me this trailer did absolutely nothing for me.
    The AK and CQ trailers were great. This was dull.

      Agreed, that was the worst BF3 trailer I have seen. Really bad mocap (the way that gun jitters at 56 seconds is really lazy animation), nothing interesting happens, and the action is totally generic - it doesn't show off anything new. All the other trailers have been pretty good until this.


    I'd love to play the new DLC, but since my Origin account was stolen and EA are doing jack all to help me I can't. Thanks EA!

      Same thing happened to me! Try going through the ea chat, that was the only way I was able to get it back

    was playing last night. original maps are still the best. (had a few lols teamkilling players waiting for the chopper to spawn.)
    AK maps are alright, just way too big for 24players on console. i would like a few more maps like Grand Bazaar, Seine Crossing, Karkand. good building to building ambush maps

    EA really know their market: I buy all my games based on only watching cutscenes followed by 2 seconds of crossbow camper footage.

      BF3 premium gets you all the packs for $50, so eh, might give it a go because ive already paid for it.

      They weren't cutscenes as such, they won't feature in the game. Plus everything in the trailer is gameplay, what's not to like?

    A goddamn crossbow....?

    For shame.

    Brian, NO IDEA why you didnt include the blog post

    It has much more details on aftermath, the trailer does it no justice at all, the words explaining it make it sound like the best DLC for any FPS to date.

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