Fool Me Again? The New Sonic Racing Trailer Looks Good

Fool Me Again? The New Sonic Racing Trailer Looks Good
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The problem with the Sonic Cycle these days — the experience of getting excited by the hype for a Sonic games before playing the mediocre game that Sega then delivers — is that recent Sonic games have been pretty good. Sonic Colours. Sonic Generations. People like those games and aren’t embarrassed to admit it.

Still, any new trailer for any new Sonic game inspires hesitation.

Here we’ve got a new hype trailer for November’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and, sure, it’s still borrowing heavily from Mario Kart (and Diddy Kong Racing), but a) that’s not a bad thing and b) it looks fun.

Are you brave enough to get excited for this game?


  • Course I am. I genuinely think Sonic and Sega all stars racing was a MUCH better game than Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. And I HATE Sonic.

    • Agree! I feel like at least some skill plays a part in Sega All Stars. In Mario Kart the Computer players will pretty much slow to a crawl and allow you back into a poll position if your losing.

      • not to mention in S&SASR if you have enough of a lead you’re usually not going to get blue-shelled into 8th place – the ‘ultimate’ powerup moves only let you steal a couple of places without messing up anyone at the other end of the track!

        I was also a big fan of them ripping off the Burnout boost system – boost-chaining and drift management in ASR is great fun, compared to my experience with MarioKart games where you either have to do that bizarre jump-waggle that enforces an insurmountable skill gap in party-play, or you just lose the ability to boost properly without powerups at all!

  • Played it at the eb expo, is quite fun! Nothing seems to match how mariokart made me feel back in they day, but that may be nostalgia 😀

  • Uh…Stephen, what are you talking about?

    Sonic and Sega All Stars is one of the best Kart Racing games ever made, and vastly better than most of the Mario Kart games for anyone objective enough to admit it.

    Your Sonic Cycle applies only to the mainline platformers.

    Hell, Sonic Kart on the Game Gear was even awesome. For that matter, Sonic R wasn’t bad on the Saturn. Sonic’s problem isn’t his racing games, it’s his platformers.

  • We got the first one back in 2010 to have that Mario Kart fix on an xbox and I’ve gotta say – they did really well and as others have pointed out here, there’s no cheap rubber-banding (there’s still rubber-banding, but if you can master the drift system a hopeless player is never going to outrun you – for this reason my kids can never beat me on this LOL!)

    This sequel looks like they’ve upped the polygon count (no Wii version is probably the reason) and added other vehicles apart your standard karts. Would love to know the character (and level) roster, the original All Stars had too many references to a bunch of games no-ones ever heard of like that Billy Hatcher or the Haunted House game.

  • What is up with Sonic trailers and having amazing trailer music these days? Seriously, the music always sends shivers down my spine. Love it.

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