For Pokémon, Like Everyone Else, 'Gender' Doesn't Have To Mean 'Sex'

There's some fairly serious thought that goes into Pokémon gender. Especially since breeding and evolving is so important.

But does it really matter? Gender isn't sex, it's a wonderfully elastic term, one that artist Maré Odomo explores ever so sweetly with this comic.

BOY OR GIRL? [Attract Mode]


    Someone is confusing gender with sexuality....

      Someone seems to be proposing that gender and sexuality are mutually exclusive....

      Sex is what is between your legs. Male/Female, and sometimes both or none. For most things, people don't really care about this because they never see it. What they care about is...

      Gender( identity) is how you interact with society, and is constructed from social views. GIrl/Boy are the common ones, but there are more. In this view, there is no difference between a female wearing a dress, and a male wearing a dress - they're both girls. Gender is often incorrectly assumed to be natural and incorrectly linked to...

      Sexuality is what you're attracted too, but even that's not entirely accurate since it also covers asexualism. Sexuality doesn't even really exist, since it's a common term for a few different aspects(most obviously sexual orientation, and sexual identity). Problem here is people often confuse it with sex, which is a best, undereducated, and at worst, wilfully ignorant.

      There's a lot more to it, but once you get past the 'sex=gender=sexuality' hurdle, you'll be fine. There's a nice vlogbrothers video on the subject, if you wanted to get a more succulent explanation.

    When it comes down to it, sex/gender is technically XX chromosome or XY chromosome. But what you identify yourself as personality wise is different.

      As has been mentioned above, gender is a whole lot more than that as it includes social and identity factors as well. It was originally a word used for grammar (which can have masculine, feminine and neutral gender. English has two genders, but other languages like French have three) and then started referring to people later.

      And technically, sex can be in the XY, X0, ZW, Haplodiploidy systems or weird combinations thereof, or like Platypi which have 10 chromosomes.

    Er... how do they know what sprite to display on the screen if you don't select a gender?

    Will they make your character a blank void of space? Because i'd rather have a game sprite o_O

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